A Taste of Success: The 40-Year Tradition of Wattana Panich in Bangkok

by Jeremy Tang

The 40 year not so secret recipe for success at Bangkok’s famous Wattana Panich

When visiting some clients in Bangkok I grabbed some lunch at a famous noodle restaurant called Wattana Panich. It’s the most famous out of almost 3,000 noodle restaurants across Thailand, not to mention one of the most famous in the world. It’s unique because of its over 40 year old master stock that’s been maintained by 3 generations of the same family.

What’s interesting is that the ingredients aren’t the secret. Talking to the owner it’s not really what makes it special, nor is it even their cooking technique. What makes it special is their commitment to maintaining the stock for decades, building on it with fresh ingredients while retaining its rich history, making it slightly better every single day. The end result is a flavour that’s impossible to replicate eventhough the core ingredients are the same as countless other shops.

It struck me that if a simple noodle shop can build such global notoriety, it reminds us that anything can be differentiated even in a crowded/commoditised market when you realise commitment beats complexity and that true uniqueness isn’t about flashy innovation, but consistent focused effort.

Seeing simple businesses like this continue to inspire my team and I to continue our decade long journey to build world leading technology in the area of programmatic SEO that’s already able to deliver SEO results 10 times larger and 4 times faster than conventional agencies.

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