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Case Studies

Accelerating Growth for REVS CHECK: An SEO Success Story

10th August, 2023

Area Ten's accelerated SEO approach led to a 238-position keyword ranking improvement and a 78% YoY traffic increase for REVS CHECK, boosting revenue by 29%

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Revving Up SEO: How We Accelerated CarHistory’s Digital Growth

8th July, 2023

Area Ten revitalized CarHistory's online visibility and sales with strategic SEO, enhancing keyword rankings, increasing traffic by 23%, and delivering a robust 10.5 SEO ROAS.

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How EQUIFAX Australia Amplified Their SEO Presence and Revenue

13th June, 2023

How we propelled EQUIFAX Australia's online presence and revenue, with a 215% YoY sales growth and 64% increase in SEO traffic.

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QuickBooks India: Charting The Course for Success in SEO

10th May, 2023

In just three months, QuickBooks India's priority terms ascended into the top 10 search engine rankings, with the key term "accounting software" clinching the second....

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Igniting Organic Growth: Snap Print Solutions Rise in a Contracting Market

13th April, 2023

Despite a shrinking market, Snap Print Solutions saw an 887% rise in organic traffic and a leap in Top 10 rankings from 53 to over....

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Navigating the Competitive Forex Market: An SEO Triumph for Learn To Trade Australia

7th March, 2023

Within just four months, Learn To Trade Australia saw a dramatic 63.1% increase in organic traffic, top-3 rankings for all priority terms, and a 90.5%....

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Transforming Digital Engagement: The SEO Success Story of Loans.com.au

17th February, 2023

Discover how Loans.com.au transformed its digital engagement through a comprehensive SEO strategy, resulting in a 422% increase in organic traffic in just ten months.

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Optimizing eCommerce: The Fast Track of Prezzee’s SEO Success

17th January, 2023

Area Ten propelled Prezzee to SEO stardom, securing 133 top 10 positions in six weeks and boosting organic traffic by 747% in two years, driving....

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Progressive Growth: eFax’s Consistent SEO Success in a Niche Market

12th December, 2022

The eFax case study reveals how strategic SEO management can lead to a 198% organic traffic boost and a 243% keyword ranking expansion, even in....

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