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Why Use A Fishing Rod When You Can Use A Net?

Most SEO programs only create content that targets high-volume ‘head’ terms which are extremely competitive, expensive and often the least profitable. This is the fishing line approach.By creating content that targets longtail search terms alongside head terms as part of our Full Body SEO approach, you’re replacing a fishing line with a huge net that catches the other 90% of search opportunities your competitors can’t.

Unlock longtail success

Tap into blue oceans of longtail search traffic that has lower competition for quicker, easier results.

Huge growth opportunities

Longtail makes up the other 90% of search opportunities with thousands of potential longtail search terms we can optimise for.

High Profitability

Longtail traffic typically represents people who are further along in their decision-making process, which means stronger buyer intent and higher conversion rates on your website.

But how do you create unique content that targets

thousands of longtail terms and is continually optimised for Google?

Our own technology 


CMAX™ is our proprietary SEO technology that allows us to quickly optimise your website for thousands of keywords and start scaling your traffic in weeks, not months.
Both head and longtail search terms can now be targeted at scale through dynamically generated, fully compliant & quality content that meets your customer’s needs, amplifies your brand & rapidly reaches more of your target audience.

Our ‘Full Body’ Approach To Diversify Growth.

Longtail is how you scale. But head terms can be important for amplifying your brand and diversifying your growth strategy. Here’s how we target both sides of the SEO coin…

Head Keywords Longtail Keywords
Optimisation In-depth analysis of what is needed to outrank the competition for competitive terms Adapt to evolving algorithms and competition through self learning keyword, cluster, and program level analysis and testing.
Scaling Providing insights on the best way to write hyper-optimised content for a given term by our expert copywriters Producing thousands of pages of content automatically
Amplification Guiding internal cross-linking, automatic offsite optimisation Automatic internal  & offsite optimisation

Dominate Google For All Search Terms That Convert

Proprietary CMAX platform

Our technology uses machine learning and real-world testing to understand Google’s algorithms and identify specific levers that will improve your SEO & PPC performance. The same platform also executes the insights to achieve results faster and at scale.

Senior hands-on team

No more separate account management layers. Every member of our multi-disciplinary team has a minimum of 5 years hands-on experience to execute your campaigns perfectly and answer your questions directly.

Holistic growth

Most agencies try to force growth through one particular area of your marketing funnel, but we’ve found that applying incremental changes across your entire funnel provides a compounding effect to achieve bigger results, faster.

Smart Longtail Content That Evolves With You.

  • 1Guided by human
  • 2Clustered content
  • 3Self-learning machine

To ensure we produce fully compliant content with consistent quality.

CMAX dynamically creates topic clusters by smartly interlinking content. This SEO best practice helps boost rankings and makes it easier for people and search engines to find relevant information.

To maintain rankings and relevance, your content should not remain static. Our machine learning helps your content evolve over time based on constant testing at a page and portfolio level.

Case Study

Peace Lily

  • 35%Organic traffic boost in a year
  • 37%Increase in organic revenue in a year
  • 440%Increase in Organic visibility across target KWs
Case Study

Meet Alfred

  • 3881%Increase in non-brand incremental traffic in a year
  • 52%Average increase in transactions over a year
  • 420%ROI surge in 1 year
Case Study

Pack and Send

  • 178%Surge in website traffic through targeted, strategic efforts
  • 91%Average increase in leads from targeted pages
  • 86%Monthly revenue growth due to successful SEO strategy
Case Study


  • 30%Increase in organic traffic within the first 6 weeks
  • 401%Organic traffic increase within 12 months
  • 453%Boost in organic leads over 12 months
Case Study


  • 153%Increase in Top 10 rankings in 6 weeks
  • 501%Growth in organic traffic over 2 years
  • 945%ROI surge in 2 years, outperforming paid media
Case Study


  • 198%Organic traffic improvement over 3 years in B2B niche
  • 243%Expansion in keyword rankings with dominant head terms
Case Study


  • 133Top-10 positions added in just 6 weeks
  • 747%Growth in organic traffic over 2 years
  • 303%Higher conversion rate from organic versus other digital channels
Case Study


  • 438Top-10 positions added in less than a year
  • 422%Year-on-Year organic traffic increase in 10 months
Case Study

Learn To Trade Australia

  • 20Forex terms boosted to Top-3 rankings in just 2 months
  • 63.1%Organic traffic boost within the first 4 months
  • 90.5%Cheaper CPA achieved for forex course sign-ups in 4 months from Organic vs Paid channels
Case Study

Snap Printing

  • 887%Organic traffic growth over a consistent 5-year period
  • 2,400Top-10 positions added in a 5-year period
  • 36.9%Lead increase via 24/7 Live Chat Sales, boosting conversion rates
Case Study


  • 419Position improvement in aggregate keyword rankings
  • 64%YoY increase in SEO traffic
  • 215%YoY sales revenue skyrocket in Credit and Identity products
Case Study


  • 172Position improvement in aggregate keyword rankings
  • 23%YoY increase in SEO traffic
  • 23%Sales revenue increase, delivering an SEO ROAS of 10.5
Case Study

Revs Check

  • 238Positions added since the SEO Programme started in December 2021
  • 78%YoY increase in SEO traffic
  • 29%Increase in SEO revenue over a year

What Our Clients Say

“The impact the Area Ten have made to Kmart has been significant – helping to establish SEO as a function and supporting Parmiss on getting us up to scratch. We would not be where we are now without your assistance.”

Dan Smith – Head of Digital Engagement @ Kmart

“The Area Ten team have consistently delivered across the initiatives we have engaged them in. We were impressed from the start when they were able to deliver SEO results within a month where our previous agencies struggled for more than a year. Our work with them has expanded since then given they constantly innovate in line with needs of our business, delivering strong returns from what we invest which is why they are a key partner for us and why I thoroughly recommend them.“

Carla Viera – Marketing Director @ Regus

“Proactiv as a brand has been built on the strength of its product as well as the effectiveness of its direct marketing. We have worked with Area Ten for almost 4 years. Their level of attention to the needs of the business have been of a consistently high quality. While we initially engaged them to help with our SEO this expanded to other aspects of our digital marketing given their ability to provide an integrated solution more robust than others we could find in the market. As a digital performance company that delivers they are firmly aligned with our ROI culture. We highly recommend them as a trusted advisor and partner for any performance driven organisation.“

Lara Giovenale – Marketing Director @ The Proactiv Company

“The Area Ten team has helped us to improve leads and visitor to conversion rates across a number of our channels. For example beyond just driving higher quality website traffic they also managed to improve the online enquiry rate by over 3x through form and page design changes. Area Ten’s experience has added enormous value to our website optimisation activity.

They haven’t hidden behind jargon and consistently provide valuable learnings and input with how the various online marketing channels work synergistically together, ensuring our analytics is setup in such a way that we can properly track the true ROI for each channel.“

Andrew Grech –  Partner @ Gordon Legal

“It’s been great to work with the team at Area Ten on performance based SEO model. We liked the structured approach they took to understanding our requirements and making recommendations around what we needed to do in conjunction with them. They were always available to provide expert advice and feedback around changes we were making. It was amazing to see results within the space of 2 months. Listed below are some of the results that were achieved since the start of the programme and Area Ten team have exceeded our expectations:

– Non branded organic traffic increased by 261%
– Aggregate rankings improved by 293 positions“
Elvin Singh – Customer Acquisition Manager @ Firstmac

“We have had the pleasure of working with AreaTen for more than a year, and we can confidently say that they are among the best SEO companies we have ever worked with. Their expertise in search engine optimization has significantly contributed to our online visibility and increased traffic to our website. AreaTen’s team is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to achieving results. Their attention to detail and ability to communicate complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner is truly impressive. We highly recommend AreaTen to any business looking for top-quality SEO services.“

Dean Kim – Operations Manager @ Peace Lily

“Our SEO traffic and leads has continued to increased YoY and MoM since we started working with Area Ten over 2 years ago. SEO has become very important sales generation channel for PACK & SEND.“

Tim Robinson – Digital Marketing Manager @ PACK & SEND

“Our integrated SEO & PPC partnership with Area Ten has delivered incremental traffic and leads for our business. We are able to maximise our coverage on the search engines to effectively guide prospects to our website and generate cost-effective leads. On top of this, Area Ten also helps manage our live chat to drive incremental leads further.“

Adrian Mezzina – @ Schreuders

As the former Head of SEO at Fairfax, Domain, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Jeremy on several projects, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

Area Ten’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing algorithms made a significant impact on our digital footprint. Their tailored strategies not only improved our visibility but also enhanced the user experience across our platforms.

Rama Gudipudi – Head of SEO @ Domain

Area Ten have supported Prospa with top notch professional service, both in performance marketing and SEO.

Their ongoing support helped Prospa consistently achieve its targets over the years.

I speak for all stakeholders at Prospa, past and present, when I say we couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this space!

Nadav Linden – Head of Performance Marketing & Digital Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Programmatic SEO is an innovative, data-driven approach that utilizes algorithms, machine learning, and user behavior data to optimize and manage SEO processes. It delivers real-time optimization by constantly analyzing performance metrics, significantly enhancing the efficiency of managing extensive volumes of pages, keywords, and sites.

CMAX, Area Ten’s proprietary AI-powered platform, elevates Programmatic SEO by automating the process and delivering results that outpace traditional methods. It tackles two central challenges often met in conventional SEO strategies:

  • How do I build content that engages visitors and search engines at scale in a way that is legal and regulatory compliant
  • How do I build authority to become a trusted source of information

Built and refined over the past decade, CMAX gives brands an edge over their competition. It’s equipped to deliver SEO results four times faster and can scale up to ten times larger than traditional methods. Competing against AI-powered algorithms with basic tools and limited manpower is akin to bringing a knife to a gunfight. This is where CMAX comes in, a robust self-learning system capable of running thousands of simultaneous tests, evolving as per algorithmic and competitive changes.

We offer consultations where we showcase numerous case studies demonstrating the successful implementation of this technology across various industries. Most importantly, CMAX starts delivering tangible results within six weeks.

Most traditional SEO strategies primarily target ‘head’ terms – high competition keywords with large search volumes. While these can generate substantial traffic, they’re notoriously challenging and costly to rank for, often yielding a lower return on investment.

Unlike these conventional methods, CMAX employs a comprehensive ‘Full Body’ SEO approach. We don’t merely target ‘head’ terms; we also focus on ‘longtail’ keywords. These less competitive phrases often reflect a user who is further along in their purchasing journey, leading to less competition, larger growth potential, and higher profitability for your brand.

What truly sets CMAX apart is its ability to not just provide insights but also automate the execution of SEO strategies. We understand that one of the biggest obstacles to successful SEO is not just defining the strategy, but effectively implementing it. While many SEO software and technologies stop at delivering insights and recommendations, CMAX takes a significant step further. Our system gathers valuable insights and then automatically executes strategies based on these insights, addressing the common issue of ineffective or inadequate execution in the SEO realm.

Additionally, CMAX brings substantial advantages in efficiency and scale. Our AI-driven platform delivers impactful SEO results four times faster and on a scale ten times larger than traditional methods. This innovative approach has been successfully implemented by leading global brands, and we’d be delighted to share examples during our consultation.

Finally, our programmatic SEO content is dynamic and self-learning. In an environment where search engine algorithms continuously evolve, so does our content, ensuring it remains optimized and relevant.

The implementation of our Programmatic SEO system, CMAX, is swift, typically taking about 4-6 weeks. The technical implementation merely involves adding a simple piece of code to the pages you wish to optimize. Our team of expert copywriters craft the foundation copy, which, upon your approval (factoring business, legal and regulatory requirements), becomes the training data for our AI system. This data enables the creation of tens of thousands of contextual variants.

With our Full Body SEO approach, you can expect to see results within the first six weeks, progressively scaling over time. Our technology first approach enables us to deliver bigger SEO results, faster.

While duplicate content has been a concern with traditional programmatic SEO methods, our system, CMAX, sidesteps this issue entirely. Leveraging AI, CMAX generates millions of unique, contextual pages of content that rank highly on search engines like Google. The result? A scalable system that outperforms traditional SEO programs by at least tenfold, and begins delivering results in just six weeks.

To put this to the test, we offer demonstrations of leading brands that use our CMAX platform during our consultation sessions.

CMAX’s content loads through asynchronous javascript, ensuring no impact on your site’s loading time. Our code is optimized for speed, allowing for proper indexing by search engines like Google.

If you have concerns about the potential impact on your site, we can showcase a myriad of sites already using our technology. From this, you can run your own diagnostics to determine if there’s any significant impact on page load times.

CMAX, our AI powered programmatic SEO system, works by employing a combination of machine learning, AI algorithms, and extensive data analysis. It optimizes your website for thousands of keywords, both head terms and longtail search terms. By doing so, it not only targets highly competitive ‘head’ terms but also taps into the less contested yet equally profitable ‘longtail’ search opportunities, improving your overall SEO performance.

Longtail search terms are specific, often multi-word search queries that may have lower search volumes but typically reflect stronger buyer intent and thus higher conversion rates. CMAX targets these terms by creating and optimizing unique, high-quality content that aligns with these specific queries, effectively meeting user needs and improving your website’s SEO.

Targeting longtail search terms allows you to tap into niche search traffic with less competition, leading to quicker and easier SEO results. These terms typically represent users further along their decision-making process, indicating stronger buyer intent and resulting in higher conversion rates on your website.

Our ‘Full Body’ SEO approach is a holistic strategy designed to optimise your online presence and visibility to the fullest extent. Most SEO strategies focus solely on ‘head’ terms – these are the high-volume, highly competitive keywords that can be expensive and hard to rank for. But we believe in going a step further. We optimise for both head and longtail keywords, covering the entire spectrum of search terms that could lead potential customers to your site.

Think of it as replacing a fishing rod with a net. While the fishing rod may catch the bigger fish (head terms), it misses out on the multitude of smaller ones (longtail terms). Our ‘Full Body’ approach ensures that we cast a wide net to capture all possible search opportunities, thereby significantly enhancing your brand’s visibility.

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