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Why Choose Area Ten for SEO Copywriting?

At the core of SEO is a vast question-and-answer game. But with millions of search queries every day, many businesses struggle to keep up with these queries while providing helpful content.

Our SEO copywriting service at Area Ten not only blows your competition away by targeting the most relevant queries and producing large volumes of quality, handwritten content, but we also ensure that all content is crafted in full compliance with any brand or legal requirements your business may need. 

This approach allows us to answer more questions and, in turn, drive increased engagement and traffic for your business while giving you peace of mind regarding compliance and brand integrity.

Full Keyword Coverage

We capture the entire keyword spectrum for maximum visibility with our Full Body SEO technique, which focuses on creating hyper-optimized head/shoulder content while also tapping into profitable long tail phrases through our programmatic SEO technology: CMAX™.

Scalable Content

Scale is our forte. Monthly, we can produce thousands of pieces of handwritten content across various industries, including finance, ecommerce, medical, legal, and technology, to name a few.

Advanced Precision Tools

Leveraging the latest advancements in natural language processing, machine learning, and semantic analysis, our team possesses the technical expertise to optimize content for SEO, along with the creative insight needed to engage your audience.

But how can you produce massive amounts of content without compromising on quality?

Our own technology 


Most solutions for mass-producing content rely on generic AI tools that often miss the mark on your brand voice and rarely comply with specialized guidelines. With our pioneering technology, we combine technology-first solutions with human expertise. Our team works with you to handwrite compelling, quality content that aligns with your style and standards to build content that targets the most relevant terms. 

To dramatically amplify content, we use this approved copy as training data for our CMAX platform, enabling us to develop thousands of unique and distinct variations targeting long tail keyword variants that are all fully compliant. This technology-driven approach allows us to cover the full spectrum of keyword opportunities, ensuring your brand stays authoritative across a vast array of search queries.

Our “Full Body” Approach to scalable SEO Copywriting to Drive More Traffic.

Head Keywords Longtail Keywords
Optimisation Advanced competitor analysis and the creation of hyper-optimized briefs for copywriters Identifying target long tail queries through self-learning keyword, cluster and program-level analysis and testing.
Scaling Developing content to outperform competitors for high-traffic terms. Generating vast volumes of content efficiently and effectively
Amplification Strategic cross-linking and amplification to enhance visibility and engagement. Dynamic optimization to maintain relevance and engagement

Conquer Every Search Query with Us

Drive Growth with Relevant Content

Our expert team of SEO copywriters focuses on creating content that drives relevant traffic to your website. With our strategic insights and smart technology, we handle the content creation process, allowing you to focus on your business growth.

Data-Informed Content Development

We ground our SEO copywriting services with strategies based on concrete, real-world performance data. Our insights are gleaned from successful content and proven practices, and our platform analyzes search trends to anticipate the questions and keywords that matter most to your audience.

Proprietary Tools to Outperform Competitors

Thanks to our proprietary tools, we're able to unlock the secrets to writing content that consistently outperforms your competitors, using a systematic approach that can’t be replicated. This methodology in copywriting SEO has been the secret to our high-performing content.

A Dynamic SEO Copywriting Team that Grows with Your Business

  • 1Bespoke Content
  • 2Scalable Content Production
  • 3Topic Versatility

Our approach to SEO copywriting delves deep into understanding your brand and industry nuances to engage both your audience and search engines while remaining compliant with any regulatory requirements.

We’re built for enterprises that demand a huge volume of content to keep up with their industry. Our team of expert copywriters produces over a thousand high-performing, handwritten SEO articles each month across a multitude of industries. 

Whether it’s finance, ecommerce, medical, legal, technology, or any other field, our SEO copywriters have the knowledge and research capabilities needed to produce content that speaks directly to the specific needs and language of each industry. 

Case Study

Peace Lily

  • 35%Organic traffic boost in a year
  • 37%Increase in organic revenue in a year
  • 440%Increase in Organic visibility across target KWs
Case Study

Meet Alfred

  • 3881%Increase in non-brand incremental traffic in a year
  • 52%Average increase in transactions over a year
  • 420%ROI surge in 1 year
Case Study

Pack and Send

  • 178%Surge in website traffic through targeted, strategic efforts
  • 91%Average increase in leads from targeted pages
  • 86%Monthly revenue growth due to successful SEO strategy
Case Study


  • 30%Increase in organic traffic within the first 6 weeks
  • 401%Organic traffic increase within 12 months
  • 453%Boost in organic leads over 12 months
Case Study


  • 153%Increase in Top 10 rankings in 6 weeks
  • 501%Growth in organic traffic over 2 years
  • 945%ROI surge in 2 years, outperforming paid media
Case Study


  • 198%Organic traffic improvement over 3 years in B2B niche
  • 243%Expansion in keyword rankings with dominant head terms
Case Study

  • 133Top-10 positions added in just 6 weeks
  • 747%Growth in organic traffic over 2 years
  • 303%Higher conversion rate from organic versus other digital channels
Case Study

  • 438Top-10 positions added in less than a year
  • 422%Year-on-Year organic traffic increase in 10 months
Case Study

Learn To Trade Australia

  • 20Forex terms boosted to Top-3 rankings in just 2 months
  • 63.1%Organic traffic boost within the first 4 months
  • 90.5%Cheaper CPA achieved for forex course sign-ups in 4 months from Organic vs Paid channels
Case Study

Snap Printing

  • 887%Organic traffic growth over a consistent 5-year period
  • 2,400Top-10 positions added in a 5-year period
  • 36.9%Lead increase via 24/7 Live Chat Sales, boosting conversion rates
Case Study


  • 419Position improvement in aggregate keyword rankings
  • 64%YoY increase in SEO traffic
  • 215%YoY sales revenue skyrocket in Credit and Identity products
Case Study


  • 172Position improvement in aggregate keyword rankings
  • 23%YoY increase in SEO traffic
  • 23%Sales revenue increase, delivering an SEO ROAS of 10.5
Case Study

Revs Check

  • 238Positions added since the SEO Programme started in December 2021
  • 78%YoY increase in SEO traffic
  • 29%Increase in SEO revenue over a year

What Our Clients Say

“The impact the Area Ten have made to Kmart has been significant – helping to establish SEO as a function and supporting Parmiss on getting us up to scratch. We would not be where we are now without your assistance.”

Dan Smith – Head of Digital Engagement @ Kmart

“The Area Ten team have consistently delivered across the initiatives we have engaged them in. We were impressed from the start when they were able to deliver SEO results within a month where our previous agencies struggled for more than a year. Our work with them has expanded since then given they constantly innovate in line with needs of our business, delivering strong returns from what we invest which is why they are a key partner for us and why I thoroughly recommend them.“

Carla Viera – Marketing Director @ Regus

“Proactiv as a brand has been built on the strength of its product as well as the effectiveness of its direct marketing. We have worked with Area Ten for almost 4 years. Their level of attention to the needs of the business have been of a consistently high quality. While we initially engaged them to help with our SEO this expanded to other aspects of our digital marketing given their ability to provide an integrated solution more robust than others we could find in the market. As a digital performance company that delivers they are firmly aligned with our ROI culture. We highly recommend them as a trusted advisor and partner for any performance driven organisation.“

Lara Giovenale – Marketing Director @ The Proactiv Company

“The Area Ten team has helped us to improve leads and visitor to conversion rates across a number of our channels. For example beyond just driving higher quality website traffic they also managed to improve the online enquiry rate by over 3x through form and page design changes. Area Ten’s experience has added enormous value to our website optimisation activity.

They haven’t hidden behind jargon and consistently provide valuable learnings and input with how the various online marketing channels work synergistically together, ensuring our analytics is setup in such a way that we can properly track the true ROI for each channel.“

Andrew Grech –  Partner @ Gordon Legal

“It’s been great to work with the team at Area Ten on performance based SEO model. We liked the structured approach they took to understanding our requirements and making recommendations around what we needed to do in conjunction with them. They were always available to provide expert advice and feedback around changes we were making. It was amazing to see results within the space of 2 months. Listed below are some of the results that were achieved since the start of the programme and Area Ten team have exceeded our expectations:

– Non branded organic traffic increased by 261%
– Aggregate rankings improved by 293 positions“
Elvin Singh – Customer Acquisition Manager @ Firstmac

“We have had the pleasure of working with AreaTen for more than a year, and we can confidently say that they are among the best SEO companies we have ever worked with. Their expertise in search engine optimization has significantly contributed to our online visibility and increased traffic to our website. AreaTen’s team is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to achieving results. Their attention to detail and ability to communicate complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner is truly impressive. We highly recommend AreaTen to any business looking for top-quality SEO services.“

Dean Kim – Operations Manager @ Peace Lily

“Our SEO traffic and leads has continued to increased YoY and MoM since we started working with Area Ten over 2 years ago. SEO has become very important sales generation channel for PACK & SEND.“

Tim Robinson – Digital Marketing Manager @ PACK & SEND

“Our integrated SEO & PPC partnership with Area Ten has delivered incremental traffic and leads for our business. We are able to maximise our coverage on the search engines to effectively guide prospects to our website and generate cost-effective leads. On top of this, Area Ten also helps manage our live chat to drive incremental leads further.“

Adrian Mezzina – @ Schreuders

As the former Head of SEO at Fairfax, Domain, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Jeremy on several projects, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

Area Ten’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing algorithms made a significant impact on our digital footprint. Their tailored strategies not only improved our visibility but also enhanced the user experience across our platforms.

Rama Gudipudi – Head of SEO @ Domain

Area Ten have supported Prospa with top notch professional service, both in performance marketing and SEO.

Their ongoing support helped Prospa consistently achieve its targets over the years.

I speak for all stakeholders at Prospa, past and present, when I say we couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this space!

Nadav Linden – Head of Performance Marketing & Digital Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO copywriting refers to the art and science of creating content that is both appealing to human readers and optimized for search engines. It’s about crafting compelling, informative, and engaging text that serves a dual purpose: to satisfy the user’s quest for information or entertainment and to align with search engine algorithms to improve a website’s visibility in search results.


This specialized form of writing, also known as copywriting for SEO, incorporates key strategies, such as keyword research and integration, without compromising the quality and readability of the content. Effective SEO copywriting ensures that the content aligns with what people are searching for, making it more likely to be ranked and found on search engines like Google.

SEO copywriting is crucial for several reasons:


  • Enhances Search Engine Rankings: Well-crafted SEO content can significantly improve a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), leading to increased visibility and traffic.
  • Increases Conversion Rates: Effective SEO copywriting can lead to higher conversion rates. Readers are more likely to make a purchase, subscribe or contact your company if you address their questions, concerns, and interests.
  • Builds Brand Authority and Trust: Consistently delivering well-researched, accurate, and helpful content establishes your brand as an authority in your field, fostering trust with your audience.

Basic SEO typically includes some aspects of copywriting, as content creation is a fundamental component of SEO strategies. 


  • Keyword Optimization: At its most basic, SEO includes incorporating relevant keywords into website content. This is a core aspect of SEO copywriting.
  • Content Quality and Relevance: Even basic SEO recognizes the importance of creating quality, relevant content that meets the needs of users.
  • On-Page Elements: Basic SEO involves optimizing on-page elements like titles, meta descriptions, and headers, which often require copywriting skills.


The best SEO copywriting services will ensure that content not only ranks well in search engines but also resonates with readers by providing helpful answers to their questions, fulfilling both algorithmic and human requirements.

Our approach to content production volume and diversity reflects our expertise in SEO copywriting best practices, where we specialize in producing a high volume of content, crafting over a thousand customized, quality SEO articles monthly across a wide range of industries. 


If your requirements exceed the capacity of what a freelance SEO copywriter can provide, you need an agency like Area Ten that is well-versed at handling enterprise-level content.

Our SEO copywriting services stand out due to our Full Body SEO strategy, which targets both high-volume head terms and niche-dominant long tail terms. To create content, we hyper-optimize our briefs with the latest advancements in natural language processing, machine learning, and semantic analysis for precision-engineered copy


Moreover, our fusion of data-driven insights and human intuition ensures we can rapidly produce content at scale while still maintaining your voice and meeting compliance standards.

With our expedited process, leveraging advanced SEO copywriting tools, and focusing on high-impact opportunities, you can start seeing results within as little as six weeks. Our proven strategies have helped several startups surpass significant revenue milestones faster than most, demonstrating our expertise as a leading SEO copywriting agency.

We ensure content quality and uniqueness by combining technology-powered efficiency with the expertise of human writers. Our team works closely with clients to develop content that meets their standards, which then serves as training data for our smart SEO platform to generate thousands of unique iterations.

Our services are versatile and beneficial for a wide range of industries. Whether you’re a startup looking to gain market visibility or an established business aiming to enhance your online presence, our tailored SEO copywriting strategies can significantly impact your growth.

Our content strategies are developed in close consultation with you to ensure they act as an extension of your marketing efforts. In all aspects of content production, we tailor our approach to align with your branding and guidelines, so the content complements and enhances your campaign.

Getting started is easy. Simply connect with us to discuss your SEO goals and requirements. Our team will work with you to develop a tailored strategy that places quality and momentum at the forefront of your SEO efforts.

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