Beyond the Vanity Metrics: A New Paradigm in SEO Strategy

by Jeremy Tang

My kids fought over a can of soda, not bothering to look at the back of the fridge where they would have found a fresh pack of 6 of them.

SEO is alot like this with regard to the continued myopic focus on ranking for a few head terms, missing the proverbial forest from the trees. It’s the ultimate vanity metric which hides where the true opportunities lie.

The origins of this head term fixation came about due to traditional resource constraints giving limited capacity to write content or focus SEO efforts. It’s meant that marketers have had to make calculated decisions on what content to write, targeting keywords that represent the best return on effort. Unfortunately competitors face the same constraints so end up targeting the same term, thereby making it extremely difficult to perform in such a crowded market.

What’s worse is that if you actually look at the data the hardest terms to rank for also represents the smallest part of the market e.g. the head term “dog food” in the US gets searched 135K times a month. If we look at the total search volume related to “dog food” it’s actually 9.3 million! The head term that most sites in this space obsess about only represents 1.4% of the total search opportunity. The rest is spread across 393K keywords.

In our experience and analysis across dozens of industries globally the head terms rarely represent more than 10% of any given search opportunity. 99% of the industry is obsessed with targeting no more than 10% of the potential SEO market. The longtail represents the biggest untapped opportunity in SEO that hasn’t been tackled because, unlike with Google Ads there’s no easy way to target it, until now.

We recognised this over 5 years ago and built our own Large Language Models (LLMs) on custom hardware to allow us to build a platform that can dynamically inject self optimizing content at scale on any website to target longtail effectively through SEO. We officially launched in 2021 and in just two and a half years our programmatic SEO system, now called CMAX™, is processing over 60 million visitors a month across many brands you’d recognise, on autopilot. I had the opportunity to showcase this pioneering technology to a group of global entrepreneurs at Richard Branson’s Necker Island last year.

Across the dozens of strategic reviews we do for potential clients every month we haven’t identified a single instance where we can’t clearly identify an untapped 10X SEO growth opportunity. Contact me if you’d like to find yours and learn exactly how we help brands of all sizes capture the full fridge of opportunities beyond the single can of head terms.

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