Challenging Confirmation Bias with Moroccan Oranges: A Unique Perspective on Business Strategies

by Jeremy Tang

Recently, in a grocery store in Fes, Morocco, I encountered some of the biggest oranges I’ve ever seen. Imagine me taking a selfie with one of these oversized fruits, attracting amused glances from locals!

This encounter was more than just a quirky moment; it served as a vivid reminder of how ‘normal’ varies widely and how our perceptions are often shaped by our immediate surroundings. It wasn’t just about seeing bigger oranges; it was about realizing how our own biases, including confirmation bias, can limit us in both personal and professional spheres if we don’t step out.

In business, we often stick to familiar strategies that align with our existing beliefs, but are we missing out on ‘larger oranges’ out there? The SEO industry is a great example of that, largely relying on strategies that haven’t really changed in 20 years which is why the Area Ten team have stayed globally competitive for over 10 years by constantly surpassing outdated and ineffective conventions.

Stepping out of our comfort zone is essential. It broadens our worldview and prompts us to question whether the path we’re on truly is the best one. Let’s not just settle for what we know; let’s look for the bigger, bolder opportunities that lie just outside our usual field of view.

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