From Atacama to Sahara: An Unforgettable Journey Through Six Continents in 2023

by Jeremy Tang

I started the year in the Atacama and ended in the Sahara desert. 2023 has been a year in which I have had the privilege to cover 6 continents, met an incredibly diverse group of people (including Obama and Sir Richard Branson), viewed some awe inspiring scenery and ate some unforgettable food from every corner of our planet. I am grateful for all our customers from around the world for trusting us and most importantly the Area Ten family for embracing and supporting each other through the challenges that are necessary for personal and professional growth. It has been a year of significant innovation built on a foundation of countless valuable failures.

While in Morocco I’ve had the privilege to interact with several nomadic Berber tribes from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert. What’s consistent is that they live in environments that seem hostile and barren. For example for the nomadic Berbers of the Sahara it’s very easy for them to find water in areas where there’s nothing but sand as far as the eye can see. What’s not obvious is that often one can find plentiful supplies of water just 3 metres below the surface. It’s the same with opportunities in life. They rarely present themselves through superficial observation or exploration. It requires digging deep and persistence.

With that in mind hoping everyone’s 2024 is a journey of exploration beneath the surface, revealing treasures that enrich our lives in unexpected and meaningful ways.

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