The Unseen Power of Hypnotherapy: A Personal Story

by Jeremy Tang

I waited a year before posting about this.

A mate of mine was a heavy smoker for almost 30 years. Whenever we went out invariably he would have to step out for a smoke many times through the night. He tried different methods which didn’t work until he saw a hypnotherapist almost a year to the day. I remember the day because he called me soon after a single 1.5 hour session, amazed that he no longer felt the compulsion to smoke. I couldn’t believe it, which is why I waited a year before sharing this as I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a temporary state.

A year has passed and sure enough he hasn’t touched nicotine since and has felt no temptation to. It’s transformed his life and for myself firmly moved the field of hypnotherapy from a party trick to get people dancing like chickens to an approach with profound therapeutic potential.

The incredible aspect of hypnotherapy lies in the empowerment it offers; it harnesses one’s intrinsic motivation since a therapist cannot make an individual perform actions against their will.

It’s highlighted two things:

Firstly, our mind is a powerful entity capable of profound internal shifts even away from long term physical addictions

Secondly, with genuine commitment, rapid and lasting change is achievable.

While I am not dispensing medical advice, I wish to shine a light on an alternative that might be unfamiliar to many. Observing my close friend’s profound transformation firsthand has convinced me of the potential merits of considering such options. I share this experience with the hope that it will ignite discussions and inspire further research, potentially leading to transformative outcomes for others.

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