The Role of AI in Programmatic SEO

by Jeremy Tang

The Role of AI in Programmatic SEO

This article reveals how AI is revolutionizing the programmatic SEO landscape Area Ten’s proprietary technology, CMAX™, harnesses the power of AI to optimize websites for a vast array of keywords swiftly. By synergizing human expertise with AI capabilities, businesses can craft and deploy SEO-rich content on an unparalleled scale.

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Unlocking SEO Success

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, many businesses grapple with stagnant results, unsure of how to break through the plateau. Enter AI-powered programmatic SEO—a game-changer that promises to transform these challenges into opportunities. Dive in to understand how integrating AI can elevate your SEO strategy, driving tangible, accelerated outcomes.

The Mechanics of Programmatic SEO

Imagine you’re a fisherman. Traditional SEO is like fishing with a single rod, casting your line, and hoping for a bite. Programmatic SEO, on the other hand, is like casting a vast net into the ocean. It allows you to create a multitude of SEO-optimized web pages in one fell swoop. 

At Area Ten, our approach uses data, AI systems, and pre-programmed rules to drive more traffic and increase revenue by making your content easily accessible to potential customers at an unprecedented scale.

Debunking a Myth: Programmatic SEO is all about AI

There’s a prevailing myth that programmatic SEO is entirely AI-generated. 

It’s easy to see why. The allure of AI, with its promise of efficiency and scale, can overshadow the human touch. 

But let’s set the record straight before we go on into how businesses can use AI in their strategies: when it comes to our process at Area Ten, while AI systems play a pivotal role in programmatic SEO, they don’t replace the human element.

We’ve always believed in the synergy of man and machine. Programmatic SEO, in our playbook, isn’t about sidelining humans. Instead, it’s a potent tool that amplifies our existing SEO efforts, allowing humans to focus on other challenges in SEO and beyond. 

Our approach to content is a testament to this. As you’ll read along, you’ll discover how our highly trained writers collaborate with our clients to develop initial content pieces that resonate with a brand’s voice, ensuring they align with compliance and legal requirements.

How to Use AI in Programmatic SEO

Artificial intelligence—with its ability to learn, adapt, and execute—has become a cornerstone in the evolution of SEO. 

AI’s prowess lies in its capacity to handle vast amounts of data, analyze patterns, and make real-time decisions. In the context of programmatic SEO, it’s the force that drives efficiency, enabling the rapid creation and optimization of content.

But what role does it truly play?

Efficient Data Gathering

When it comes to crafting programmatic SEO pages, gathering the right data is always the starting point. 

Here’s how AI amplifies this crucial phase:

  • Keyword Research: AI-powered tools are one of our secret weapons for our Full Body SEO approach at Area Ten. They sift through mountains of data to identify not just head terms but also longtail keywords. These are the specific, multi-word queries that might not top the charts in search volume but are platinum in terms of conversion.
  • Content Blueprinting: Before a single programmatic SEO page is created, AI algorithms can help analyze existing content to identify what works and what doesn’t. This sets the stage for the type of content that will populate your new SEO-focused pages.
  • Data Aggregation for Page Optimization: Metrics like search volume and keyword difficulty can be compiled by AI systems to create a data-driven blueprint used to complete a programmatic SEO page.
  • User Behavior for Page Relevance: AI can dig deep into user behavior to understand what your audience is genuinely interested in. This data is crucial for ensuring that your programmatic SEO pages are not just visible but also valuable to your target audience.

Streamlined Content Creation

Traditional SEO often stumbles when faced with the task of producing vast amounts of content. But this is where AI steps in.

Harnessing the power of AI, marketers can now automate and scale their SEO efforts, producing content at a pace and volume previously thought impossible. Tools like ChatGPT and are revolutionizing the content creation landscape, churning out content at scale. 

But, there’s a catch. While these tools are powerful, they sometimes miss the nuances and specificities of a client’s unique industry.

At Area Ten, we’ve cracked the code. As mentioned above, we always begin with human writers, experts who work closely with clients to produce initial content pieces that resonate with the brand’s voice and meet all compliance and legal requirements. Additionally, this ensures the content doesn’t conflict with any existing marketing initiatives or priorities.

Once this foundation is set and approved, it serves as the training data for our proprietary technology, CMAX. This synergy of human expertise and AI efficiency allows us to generate tens of thousands of longtail keyword-optimized pieces of content that are not only relevant but also tailored to the brand’s requirements.

Innovative Content Deployment

At Area Ten, we’ve streamlined this process to an art form, thanks again to our AI-powered technology, CMAX.

Here’s the kicker: the content we deploy doesn’t even reside in your CMS. Instead, it’s dynamically generated through a JavaScript-based system and injected directly onto the relevant pages. 

And since CMAX operates through asynchronous JavaScript, it has zero impact on your site’s loading time. Our code is meticulously optimized for speed, ensuring that search engines like Google can index your content without a hitch.

Agile Insight Gathering and Implementation

AI-powered website analysis tools serve as invaluable guides for marketers. These tools excel at identifying technical glitches, fine-tuning site structures, and enhancing user experiences. They can spot issues like slow page loads and other technical SEO concerns that may impede optimal website performance.

At Area Ten, we’ve integrated principles of Reinforcement Learning (RL), a type of machine learning where the model learns by trial and error, receiving rewards or penalties for its actions. Our technology is designed to be both self-learning and self-optimizing, adapting its strategies based on the outcomes of previous actions.

CMAX operates on this RL principle. Each content piece within our portfolio signals its performance and adapts its strategy based on the rewards or penalties it receives, similar to how RL algorithms work. This ensures our content portfolio’s continuous improvement, tackling the common issue of ineffective execution in SEO.

In a landscape where search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, our programmatic SEO content remains dynamic, ensuring it stays optimized and relevant. Through our innovative JavaScript-based implementations, your site’s content can dynamically update itself to stay in sync with the latest search engine algorithm updates.

Think of it as an AI system that not only knows what works but also actively implements those strategies based on trial and error.

Case Studies

Let’s dive into two case studies that demonstrate how our approach to blending human expertise and cutting-edge technology delivers unparalleled SEO performance.


An Australian Giveaway Shop’s Content Revolution

In the crowded Australian giveaway market, our client faced a unique challenge: manually creating distinct content for each of their customizable products.

Their catalog was extensive, with stellar products, unique collections, and distinguishable categories. 

Area Ten stepped in with a solution that was anything but generic. Our highly trained human writers first developed brand-aligned, legally compliant content. 

Once approved, we then used CMAX to deploy product-centric programmatic content, intricately woven around the client’s diverse offerings. These visually appealing landing pages translated into tangible results and desired end outcomes.

Continuous micro-tests at the page level and our entire portfolio fine-tuned performance further, leading to a 27.9% surge in organic traffic and a 19.8% uptick in organic revenue within just eight weeks.


A US Travel Firm’s SEO Breakthrough

In the bustling travel sector of New York, our client was stuck in a rut with stagnant SEO growth. 

We first used our AI tools to analyze untapped long-tail keywords like “student travel New York” and “discount travel New York City.” This Full Body SEO approach targeted these overlooked opportunities, capturing 90% of search queries that competitors were missing. 

We deployed our human writers to craft initial content that was rigorously reviewed and approved by the client and then fed to CMAX for deployment. 

Our technology also conducted ongoing micro-tests, the insights from which were shared across our entire portfolio and individual programmatic pages to continually improve. The result was a 31.4% boost in organic traffic and a 15.2% improvement in conversion rate, achieved in a little under a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build authority by link building?

While many agencies might give you a resounding “yes,” we at Area Ten challenge that conventional wisdom. 

Link building is a form of offsite optimization, aimed at activities external to your site to build authority and trust. However, let’s be clear: it’s not the only way, nor is it the most efficient one. 

CMAX leverages AI-based alternatives and other variables that deliver authority-building results at a faster pace and on a grander scale. So, while we don’t engage in traditional link building, our system builds your site’s authority through innovative, data-driven methods.


Will using AI tools lead to duplicate content?

The answer hinges on the specific AI tools and the expertise of the team wielding them. While duplicate content has been a concern with traditional programmatic SEO, CMAX sidesteps this issue entirely. Our technology generates millions of unique, contextually relevant pages that not only rank highly on search engines but also offer genuine value to your audience.


Does Google hate AI-generated content?

Google’s algorithms are designed to reward content that exhibits E-E-A-T: Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness, however it is produced

The focus is on the quality of the content, not its origin. At Area Ten, it’s important to us that our AI-generated content retains the core voice and messages of your brand, ensuring it’s not just keyword-stuffed fluff but meaningful content that resonates with your audience.

What You’ve Learned: Key Takeaways from the Article

From the intricacies of AI in SEO to the power of programmatic content, let’s recap the pivotal insights:

  • AI should not be the usurper but the ally in programmatic SEO, enhancing human expertise for unparalleled results.
  • Full Body SEO is the new gold standard, capturing 90% of search opportunities that traditional methods miss.
  • CMAX is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer technology, leveraging machine learning for real-world SEO triumphs.
  • Content is king, but context is the kingdom. Our approach ensures both are in harmony.

Actionable Advice

Ready to transform your SEO game? Here’s your roadmap to success:

  • Reevaluate your SEO strategy to include AI-powered tools like CMAX that can deliver results in as little as six weeks.
  • Shift your focus from offsite optimization like link building to onsite variables like content, which have a more significant impact on SEO performance.
  • Invest in technology that not only gathers but also executes insights, turning your SEO strategy from a blueprint into a masterpiece.


Why Settle for Less When You Can Command More?

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