7 Things You Didn’t Know About Programmatic SEO

by Jeremy Tang

This article delves into programmatic SEO, highlighting its ability to efficiently generate thousands of SEO-optimized pages at once. Area Ten breaks down the balance between targeting head and longtail keywords, the importance of relevant, compliant content, and innovative deployment methods.


With insights from Area Ten’s proprietary technology, CMAX™, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of this game-changing approach to SEO.

Table Of Contents:

Think You Know Everything About Programmatic SEO?

You may have already read through endless articles in your programmatic SEO research and feel that you’re truly ready to implement it for your website. But you clicked on this article for a reason. 


There are still things you should know about—things that can become the difference between a mediocre strategy and a groundbreaking one. Read along and allow us at Area Ten to be your guiding light.

What’s the Point of Programmatic SEO?

At the heart of any SEO strategy is the pressing need for businesses to rank their websites. The key to doing that? Keywords. 


But given the fierce competition, it’s no longer sufficient to rank for just a handful of keywords. Businesses are now compelled to target not just hundreds but potentially thousands of keywords to ensure they capture the vast spectrum of user queries.


However, herein lies another challenge: crafting content for each of these keywords manually takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money. 


This is where programmatic SEO steps in as a game-changer. It employs automated tools, aiming to bypass the traditionally sluggish SEO process. It allows businesses to craft content on an unprecedented scale, potentially spanning thousands or even millions of iterations. 


Sounds straightforward and effective, right? Because it is. However, there are lesser-known facts that can make or break your programmatic SEO strategies. 


Here’s the first one:

#1: Longtail and Head Terms Can Coexist

Programmatic SEO is a game-changer, enabling businesses to target an expansive array of keywords for a comprehensive online presence. But let’s break this down a bit.


First, there are head terms. These are the high-volume keywords that often come with fierce competition. They’re the big fish in the SEO ocean, offering substantial traffic potential but often demanding significant resources to rank prominently.


Then, there are the longtail keywords—specific, often multi-word search queries. While they might not boast the same search volumes as head terms, they’re goldmines of stronger buyer intent. Their specificity often translates to higher conversion rates, making them invaluable for businesses aiming to capture a niche audience.


Now, here’s the kicker: with programmatic SEO, you should not be forced to pick a side. At Area Ten, we’ve mastered the art of balancing both. 


Our Full Body SEO approach ensures that while you’re vying for dominance with head terms, you’re also casting a wide net to capture the myriad opportunities presented by longtail terms. 


In essence, you’re not just amplifying your brand but ensuring a holistic presence across the search spectrum, reaching every nook and cranny of your target audience.


But that’s just the beginning of an effective strategy. How you create content for each of these high-potential keywords is another task. This leads us to our next fact.

#2: Generic Content Generation May Risk Relevance and Compliance

A generic programmatic SEO approach, which solely relies on AI to generate content, can miss the nuances and unique considerations of your industry. Why? 


While AI is powerful, it lacks the human touch, the ability to truly resonate with an audience, to understand the intricacies of brand voice, or to navigate the complexities of regulatory and legal compliance.


This is where the challenge emerges. Ensuring that the vast amount of content generated not only complies with standards but actually converts.


At Area Ten, we’ve crafted a solution that marries the best of both worlds. Our programmatic SEO strategy is human-guided. Our skilled writers collaborate with our clients to create foundational content pieces. Once approved, this content becomes the training data for our proprietary technology, CMAX. The result? Thousands of pieces of content that does the following:


  • adheres strictly to brand, industry, and legal guidelines;
  • retains the brand’s core voice and message, yet are versatile enough to be replicated across countless instances; and
  • seamlessly integrates without clashing with existing marketing strategies.


Now, we’ve set the records straight on keyword optimization and content generation. How about publishing?

#3: You Have Options When Deploying Content

Many programmatic SEO strategies lean heavily on CMS tools. When done properly, these strategies may be effective, but they aren’t the only game in town.


At Area Ten, we use a method that sidesteps the CMS entirely. 


Instead of housing content within your site’s CMS, the content you’ll see at the bottom of your site pages is deployed through a JavaScript-based system.


This means there’s zero impact on your site’s loading time. We’ve optimized our code for speed, ensuring that search engines like Google can index it without a hitch.


Moreover, this makes the implementation of our programmatic SEO swift. With CMAX, the technical side of things boils down to adding a straightforward piece of code to the pages you’re optimizing. Typically, this entire process takes a mere four to six weeks.


We know what you think “Why should I care about how the content is published?”


Because you can’t just publish your content, forget about it, and expect to grow your traffic continuously. You need a deployment strategy that gives you the flexibility to control your programmatic content in the future without the complexities. Interested as to why? Read along.

#4: You Can Stay Ahead of Changes Without the Manual Hassle

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, Google’s algorithm updates are a constant. These aren’t rare events; they’re frequent, significant shifts that can throw off even the most meticulously crafted programmatic content strategies. 


The daunting question for many is: How can one ensure that today’s programmatic content remains effective months down the line?


Manual updates across thousands of pages are impossible. By the time one set of updates is complete, another algorithm change might be on the horizon, leaving you perpetually playing catch-up.


CMAX offers a dynamic solution. It performs real-world testing on the page level to know what works and what doesn’t, and shares insights across our entire programmatic portfolio for continuous performance improvement.


But instead of merely providing insights and recommendations, our proprietary technology goes a step further.


It automates the execution of SEO strategies, ensuring content remains optimized in real time. Think of it as an ant colony, where each page learns and adapts based on its performance and the collective insights of our entire programmatic portfolio.


In essence, as search engine algorithms change, the content evolves alongside them. With CMAX, there’s no need for constant manual tweaks. If a segment of your content starts to lag, the rest recalibrates, ensuring all pages work in harmony for optimal performance.

#5: Backlinking Is Not Always the Answer

The digital landscape is rife with the buzz of backlinking as a primary method to build domain authority. While backlinks have been a popular technique, their effectiveness is often overstated.


At Area Ten, we challenge this conventional wisdom. We pivot our focus to onsite variables, primarily content, which has a profound impact on SEO performance.


Moreover, our programmatic SEO platform harnesses innovative software, allowing our clients to cultivate authority using methods that transcend traditional link-building. We emphasize content that not only ranks but also amplifies your brand’s reach, setting a new paradigm in your SEO approach.


Now, let us sidestep a bit and talk about internal links. They play a pivotal role in SEO. They provide context, build relevance, and guide search engines in ranking pages. 


With the rise of programmatic SEO, the significance of cross-linking is further magnified. Each piece of content must seamlessly integrate into the digital ecosystem, and cross-linking ensures this integration is both precise and purposeful.


At Area Ten, we delve deep into the potential of internal links. Through consultations, we identify potential internal link opportunities within your programmatic content. 


Furthermore, CMAX dynamically crafts topic clusters by smartly interlinking content. This bolsters rankings and streamlines the journey for both search engines and users, ensuring they find the most relevant content on your site.

#6: Programmatic SEO is Not Just a Big Player's Game

The allure of programmatic SEO isn’t reserved solely for the titans of the industry. In fact, the challenges that large businesses face in SEO—striving for higher rankings and outpacing competitors—are even more pronounced for startups. These budding businesses often grapple with scaling their SEO strategies, especially when resources are scant.


Our From Zero to One journey at Area Ten is a testament to this. We’ve not only ventured but thrived in the realm of business creation from the ground up, catapulting them to multimillion-dollar valuations.


Our track record speaks volumes: seven startups nurtured, with six breaching the $1 million revenue mark from a standing start in under 16 months. Five of these have further soared, becoming multimillion-dollar enterprises.


With all this being said, you may already be wondering “What’s left for me to do?”

#7: This Strategy Should Never Replace Humans

Programmatic SEO isn’t a robotic takeover of your human efforts; it’s a powerful ally. It’s about harnessing cutting-edge technology to complement and amplify your existing strategies, not replace you in the process.

The real magic happens when human intuition and strategy merge with the precision and scale of automation.

At Area Ten, we understand the value of this synergy. By integrating programmatic SEO, we liberate you from the time-consuming intricacies of conventional SEO, allowing you to channel your energy into higher-level challenges and strategic refinements.

Case Studies

These case studies show how we’ve transformed two businesses by knowing and acting upon these facts at Area Ten.


Elevating the Brand of a Gourmet Food Delivery Service in the US

In the competitive US market for gourmet food delivery, our client faced challenges with visibility and engagement despite their high-quality offerings. While their existing content was informative, it wasn’t effectively targeting key terms, leading to missed opportunities for organic traffic growth.


To address this, we developed a customized strategy that not only aimed to make a significant impact in the broader US market but also incorporated a local SEO flavor of programmatic content. This involved creating hyper-localized content that embeds relevant points of interest, such as surrounding towns, popular shops, and even restaurants, offering stronger local targeting.


The first step was to identify and target key money terms that resonated with potential customers. The content was then re-optimized and expanded around these terms to maximize engagement with the US user base. Simultaneously, we leveraged CMAX to create over 1,000 programmatic pages targeting longtail terms related to gourmet food delivery, as well as hyper-localized content for stronger local targeting.


This multi-faceted approach allowed the client to engage niche segments within the US market, driving highly targeted, quality traffic to their website. The combination of re-optimized content, targeted programmatic pages, and hyper-localized content led to a significant increase in organic traffic. Within just eight weeks, our client experienced a 22.6% boost in organic search traffic.


The strategy was customized specifically for our client, aligning closely with their ambition to make a significant impact in the US market. The focus was on enhancing the visibility of their gourmet food and meal kit options, effectively communicating their unique selling points to a broader audience.


The first step was to identify and target key money terms that resonated with potential customers. The content was then re-optimized and expanded around these terms to ensure maximum engagement with the US user base.


Simultaneously, we leveraged CMAX to create over 1,000 programmatic pages targeting longtail terms related to gourmet food delivery. This approach allowed the client to engage niche segments within the US market, driving highly targeted, quality traffic to their website.


The combination of re-optimized content and targeted programmatic pages led to a significant increase in organic traffic. Within just eight weeks, our client experienced a 22.6% boost in organic search traffic.


Powering Up the Digital Presence of a Renewable Energy Provider in the UK

The UK’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions is stronger than ever, and renewable energy providers are at the forefront of this transition. Our client, a leading renewable energy provider, had a robust Google Ads program but wanted to optimize their organic search performance.


To ensure that our SEO efforts would yield maximum ROI, we leveraged the client’s existing Google Ads program to target the highest-converting search terms.


In addition to the overarching strategy, we implemented local SEO best practices for the client’s individual energy farms and service locations to dominate local searches, further cementing their leadership position in renewable energy in the UK.


By integrating our content strategy with data-driven SEO and local optimization, we achieved a significant improvement in organic traffic. Within a span of twelve weeks, there was a 32.7% increase in organic search traffic, confirming the success of our multifaceted approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect with Area Ten’s programmatic SEO?


At Area Ten, we pride ourselves on delivering results that are not only impactful but also swift. Our AI-driven platform is designed to produce SEO outcomes that are four times faster and on a scale ten times larger than traditional methods. 


With our Full Body SEO approach, you can anticipate results within the first six weeks, with consistent scaling thereafter.


How can I ensure user experience is not compromised with programmatic SEO?


A swift-loading page combined with targeted, relevant content is the cornerstone of a stellar user experience. At Area Ten, we’ve integrated these principles into our programmatic SEO approach. 


CMAX ensures content loads seamlessly through asynchronous Javascript, guaranteeing zero impact on your site’s loading time. Moreover, our collaboration with clients ensures that every piece of content resonates with the brand, ensuring relevance and authenticity.


Is programmatic SEO only applicable to e-commerce platforms?


Not at all. Industries spanning finance, health, service-oriented sectors, and more can harness the power of programmatic SEO. However, it’s essential to understand that the specific strategy might differ based on the industry. 


We at Area Ten are always ready to provide tailored consultations to ensure the best fit for your business.

What You’ve Learned: Key Takeaways from the Article

There’s no denying that programmatic SEO transforms the way businesses optimize their online presence. Here’s what you’ve learned:


  • Holistic SEO Approach: Programmatic SEO allows businesses to target both head terms and longtail keywords, ensuring a comprehensive online presence.
  • Human-Guided Automation: While AI drives programmatic SEO, the human touch ensures content aligns with brand identity, industry regulations, and existing marketing strategies.
  • Dynamic Adaptation: With tools like CMAX, content can adapt in real-time to changes in search engine algorithms, eliminating the need for manual updates.
  • Redefining Authority: Building authority in SEO goes beyond traditional backlinking. Onsite variables, primarily content, play a pivotal role in SEO performance.
  • Human Support, Not Replacement: Programmatic SEO amplifies existing strategies, merging human expertise with automation for accelerated outcomes.

Actionable Advice

Harnessing the power of programmatic SEO can be a game-changer for businesses, but it’s essential to approach it with a strategic mindset. Here’s how:


  • Human Insights: Ensure that your programmatic content aligns with your brand voice and industry regulations by collaborating with skilled writers and SEO experts.
  • Stay Updated: With the ever-evolving nature of SEO, ensure your content remains optimized by leveraging tools that adapt in real-time to algorithm changes.
  • Seek Expert Guidance: Whether you’re a start-up or a tier-1 brand, consider partnering with experts like Area Ten who have a track record of delivering real results.
  • Embrace the Synergy: Remember that programmatic SEO is not a replacement but an amplifier. Integrate it with your existing strategies for optimal results.

Going Beyond the Conventional

We can all agree that programmatic SEO can help businesses solve the challenges brought by the manual limitations of conventional SEO methods. From the balance between head and longtail terms to the nuanced, industry-specific touch, it offers a transformative approach to website optimization.


As we’ve unveiled, it’s not just about automation but about the harmonious blend of human expertise with cutting-edge technology. And remember, while programmatic SEO is a powerful tool, it’s essential to ensure that the content remains relevant, brand-aligned, and user-centric.


What we want you to also remember is this: always keep the user at the forefront of your programmatic SEO strategy. Technology can scale your efforts, but genuine engagement and conversion come from content that resonates with your audience.


In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, standing out requires more than just traditional strategies. It demands innovation, precision, and a relentless drive to achieve results. At Area Ten, we’ve redefined the SEO landscape with our programmatic approach, ensuring businesses don’t just participate but dominate in their respective markets.


Harnessing the power of our proprietary CMAX, we optimize websites for thousands of keywords, targeting both head and longtail search terms. This dynamic generation of fully compliant and quality content ensures that your brand not only meets the needs of your customers but also amplifies its reach, capturing a staggering 90% of search opportunities that many competitors overlook.


But we’re not just SEO experts. We’re a leading digital marketing agency services and technology company, offering a suite of services from Programmatic SEO to Paid Media Management. Our commitment is unwavering: 100% solutions, 0% excuses. Our approach is holistic, focusing on every aspect of your marketing funnel to deliver scalable results in weeks, not months.


Our global footprint is undeniable. Serving markets across every continent (except Antarctica), from Australasia and North America to the UK, we’ve become the first choice for brands aiming for organic growth.


We offer our SEO Fast Track, meticulously designed to deliver transformative results in just six weeks. 


If you’re ready to liberate your business from the constraints of conventional SEO and drive unprecedented growth, it’s time to partner with Area Ten. 


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