Long Tail Keywords: Blue Ocean SEO Strategy

by Jeremy Tang

This article presents the principles of “The Long Tail” and the “Blue Ocean Strategy” as innovative approaches in SEO. Long-tail keywords, which are specific, low-volume search terms, hold untapped potential due to their specificity and alignment with user intent, despite their traditionally overlooked status. The Blue Ocean Strategy, in contrast to the highly competitive Red Ocean, encourages creating an uncontested market space by leveraging long-tail keywords. CMAX™ provides a solution by employing advanced AI to target long-tail keywords at scale, thereby keeping pace with the constantly evolving SEO landscape and maximizing SEO results.

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The world of SEO is ever-changing and evolving, demanding constant adaptation and innovation from digital marketers. One such innovation is the rise of programmatic SEO and the concept of targeting long-tail keywords at scale. In this article, we’ll delve into the principles of “The Long Tail,” the untapped potential of long-tail keywords, and how leveraging these can form a blue ocean strategy for SEO.

Understanding "The Long Tail"

“The Long Tail,” a term coined by Chris Anderson in his book of the same name, refers to the concept that our culture and economy are increasingly shifting away from mainstream products and markets towards a vast number of niches. In terms of SEO, “The Long Tail” is represented by a multitude of specific, low-volume search terms that have been traditionally overlooked due to their perceived lower value.

Long Tail vs. Short Tail Keywords

An example of a short tail (or head term) keyword would be “men’s shoes,” which is highly competitive and broad in its scope. A long-tail variant of this could be “men’s black running shoes size 9,” which, while having significantly lower search volume, is much more specific and indicative of user intent.

SEO practitioners have historically focused on these head terms, given their higher individual search volumes. However, when examining Search Term reports from paid search campaigns, it’s evident that many conversions come from long-tail variants. The sheer volume of these long-tail terms, when combined, often surpasses the traffic from the head terms.

Blue Ocean Strategy and SEO

In strategic management, the term “Blue Ocean Strategy” refers to creating and tapping into an uncontested market space, rather than competing in an existing market saturated with competition, termed “red ocean.” This concept, outlined by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, can be applied to SEO and long-tail keywords.

The core principles of Blue Ocean Strategy include:

  1. Creating uncontested market space: Rather than competing for existing customers in a saturated market, businesses should focus on finding and creating new demand.
  2. Breaking the value/cost trade-off: Businesses should offer enhanced value to their customers while simultaneously reducing their costs.
  3. Pursuing differentiation and low cost: Companies should differentiate their offerings and keep costs low to stand out in the market.

The crowded “red ocean” in SEO is the battlefield of high-volume, high-competition head keywords. Most businesses focus their SEO efforts here, leading to fierce competition and often diminishing returns. Conversely, long-tail keywords present an untapped, “blue ocean” opportunity. They are less competitive, more specific, and often more aligned with user intent, leading to better conversion rates.

Leveraging the Long Tail: The CMAX Solution

CMAX provides a solution to this untapped market, employing advanced AI to target long-tail keywords at scale. This technology can create millions of pages of unique content, automatically tailored to specific long-tail searches. What’s more, CMAX’s system is self-learning and continuously optimizes itself at both the page and portfolio level. This ensures it evolves alongside the ever-changing SEO landscape.

The application of the principles of the Blue Ocean Strategy, coupled with the principles of “The Long Tail,” enables CMAX to deliver “bigger SEO results, faster” and truly liberate businesses through technology.


The evolution of SEO has opened up vast, untapped opportunities in the form of long-tail keywords. By understanding the principles of “The Long Tail” and applying the Blue Ocean Strategy, businesses can tap into this massive potential. CMAX stands at the forefront of this revolution, harnessing advanced AI technology to target long-tail keywords at scale. To see this future of SEO in action and start delivering results within six weeks, contact us today.

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