6 Mistakes Business Owners Make on Their Programmatic SEO Strategy

by Jeremy Tang

In the article, the significance of avoiding common programmatic SEO mistakes is emphasized. The piece highlights the pitfalls business owners fall into, such as focusing solely on head terms and publishing duplicate content. Area Ten, with its proprietary technology CMAX™, offers solutions that address these challenges, emphasizing a holistic approach to programmatic SEO.

Table Of Contents:

Setting the SEO Stage

As the digital landscape shifts, so do our strategies for optimizing our websites for search engines. Programmatic SEO emerges as a game-changer, and you may be interested in implementing it at this very moment.


But before you take that leap, let us at Area Ten provide you with an advanced view of the common pitfalls to avoid, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to navigate around them. Keep reading, what comes next might just surprise you.

Programmatic SEO and the Key Mistakes to Watch Out For

Every business that has a website, from startups to leaders, shares a common goal: to be the first answer to appear in the search results when their audience asks a question on search engines. 


Historically, this meant crafting content around a handful of keywords, hoping to capture the lion’s share of queries. But as the digital landscape evolved, so did your audience. The vast array of queries and interests and an increase in the number of competitors meant that relying on a limited set of keywords was not effective anymore.


Programmatic SEO serves as a solution, allowing the creation and publishing of a plethora of web pages without manual limitations. But what does this mean for business owners like you? Thousands of relevant pages that cater to a broader spectrum of queries, which leads to more traffic, and increased revenue.


Yet, in their enthusiasm to take advantage of programmatic SEO, many enterprises sometimes stumble. These missteps, while seemingly minor, can have cascading effects on your website’s performance.


We’ve seen these pitfalls at Area Ten and have developed strategies to sidestep them. Curious as to how? Read on.

Mistake #1: Only Focusing on Head Terms

In the vast ocean of SEO, solely chasing after the big fish—the head terms—is a strategy that’s both limiting and fiercely competitive. 


Head terms, those high-volume keywords, are undoubtedly alluring. Their vast search volumes promise a deluge of traffic, making them a prime target for many decision-makers. But here’s the catch: they’re also the most contested, often dominated by industry giants with deep pockets.


But what if there’s another way? A method that doesn’t just chase the big fish but also the myriad of smaller ones swimming beneath the surface? That’s where longtail search terms can be effective. These specific, often multi-word queries might not boast the same search volumes as their head term counterparts, but they’re goldmines in their own right. 


They represent users who are further along in their decision-making process, signaling a stronger buyer intent. 


At Area Ten, we cast a wide net. Our Full Body SEO approach ensures we’re not just targeting the obvious, but we’re also capturing the nuanced, the specific, and the niche. By optimizing for both head and longtail keywords, we ensure that our clients tap into the full spectrum of search opportunities, maximizing visibility and conversions. 


You know that keywords are just half of the equation. What mistake should you avoid when weaving them into the content?

Mistake #2: Solely Relying on AI Tools and Automation for Content Creation

Business owners, in their rush to churn out content, may solely rely on advanced tools. However, doing so will only produce content that lacks the depth and specificity required to resonate with their audience.


This generic content not only fails to convert but can also misrepresent your brand and even lead to compliance issues.


Our approach at Area Ten is different. We collaborate closely with our clients, harnessing the expertise of human writers to craft initial content pieces that align perfectly with brand guidelines, industry regulations, and legal mandates.


This content then serves as a foundation of our proprietary CMAX. This system uses Natural Language Generation (NLG) algorithms, which allows it to craft text that mirrors human writing. It can generate thousands of SEO-optimized pieces that retain the brand’s core voice and messaging while ensuring adaptability and relevance. 


We’ve already addressed human-guided content creation. Are there other pitfalls to watch out for when generating and publishing content?

Mistake #3: Publishing Duplicate Content

In their quest for efficiency and scale, business owners sometimes stumble into the trap of publishing duplicate content. This can lead to potential repercussions such as diminishing the site’s visibility and diluting its ranking.


CMAX also sidesteps this concern. The NLG algorithm in our technology isn’t only capable of generating thousands of content at scale, but it does so while ensuring each piece is unique and SEO-optimized. So, regardless of whether you need thousands or millions of pages, each one remains distinct, ensuring top-tier rankings on search engines.


Now, aside from the content itself, what other SEO components should you care for that other brands may overlook?

Mistake #4: Poor Linking Strategies

A lot of brands remain tethered to the traditional allure of backlinks, viewing them as the cornerstone of authority. However, while backlinks have historically been a popular technique, their efficacy is often overstated.


At Area Ten, our innovative software helps our clients build authority using variables that go beyond this conventional practice. Our focus shifts beyond the superficial to the core: the content itself. 


And we don’t fall short when it comes to guiding your visitors and search engines seamlessly when looking for information on your site. CMAX intelligently creates topic clusters and adeptly interlinks content. This not only boosts rankings but also enhances user experience.


While we’ve covered a lot, consider this: What steps come next, what potential challenges lie ahead, and how can you maximize the benefits of your programmatic SEO strategy?

Mistake #5: Ignoring the Need for Fresh Content

Deploying programmatic content is merely the opening act of a performance that requires continuous fine-tuning. One common pitfall that many business owners stumble into is the assumption that once content is deployed, the job is done. This mindset is not only outdated but potentially harmful, especially considering the dynamic nature of search engine algorithms like Google’s.


Just like how a bouquet of flowers needs water, sunlight, and occasional pruning to stay fresh, your content needs regular updates, revisions, and maybe even overhauls to remain effective in the dynamic digital landscape. 


So, what’s the solution to ensure your extensive catalog of content remains effective despite frequent algorithmic shifts?


Here’s where CMAX’s capabilities extend beyond just content creation. Borrowing from the principles of collective intelligence, our system conducts real-world testing at the page level and disseminates the insights across our entire programmatic portfolio. This process allows our system to adapt and optimize continually, akin to how an ant colony evolves and thrives.


Mistake #6: Failing to Collaborate with Experts

Finally, one of the most common mistakes business owners make is facing the SEO challenge alone. The landscape of programmatic SEO is filled with nuances that can make or break your online presence. Venturing solo might seem like a cost-effective approach, but as you’ve seen above, the potential pitfalls can be costly in the long run.

An SEO expert like Area Ten can pinpoint specific areas in your current strategy that need attention so you can craft something more tailored and can effectively propel your website to unparalleled growth.

Stumbled already? SEO experts can still help. We don’t just identify these missteps but interpret them, turning mistakes into actionable insights. We can help you understand your metrics, demystifying the numbers and translating them into a clear strategy.

For instance, we have the ability to properly assess your site’s authority and recommend the right approach when publishing your programmatic content for the first time. Let’s say we’ve established that we still need to work on your authority, then we won’t advise deploying more than 5,000 unique pages immediately.

But once your programmatic content is in place, we can then strategically increase the number of pages, always keeping a keen eye on how Google reacts to these additions.

For those who recognize the value of expertise and are eager to leapfrog common mistakes, we at Area Ten offer our SEO Fast Track. It’s a personalized strategy session designed to swiftly identify key opportunities, ensuring you’re not just on track, but ahead of the curve.

Case Studies

Here, we present a series of case studies that showcase how Area Ten’s innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology have transformed our clients’ digital landscapes.


Revitalizing the Online Presence of a Dietary Consultation Service in the US 

In the dynamic health and wellness arena of the US, our client, a pivotal dietary consultation service, found themselves struggling to compete with other industry giants in terms of their online performance. 


Their undeniable expertise was evident, but their services page was underperforming. Their initial strategy of targeting high-competition head keywords was not yielding the results they desired.


We adopted a different approach. Delving deep into keyword research, we identified a wealth of high-potential, longtail keywords—terms actively used by individuals genuinely seeking the very consultation services they offer. 


Our highly trained writers then collaborated with the client to craft initial content pieces that aligned with their brand and met all compliance and legal requirements. Once approved, these pieces served as training data for CMAX, enabling the generation of thousands of relevant content pieces. 


This approach, combined with continuous micro-tests to refine performance, led to a transformative outcome. Within ten weeks, our client registered a 21.5% increase in organic traffic, climbing the ranks for these meticulously chosen keywords.


This is what they had to say about working with us:


“I was sceptical about shifting gears in our keyword strategy, especially with the skyrocketing costs of Google Ads. But the Area Ten team showed me data that was hard to ignore. Implementing their recommendations, we started seeing upticks in organic traffic within just 5 weeks—which was incredible when I was used to waiting half a year. They have an impressive and robust process for producing high-converting content at a pace we could never match internally. “


Boosting the Digital Footprint of a Gadget Protective Casing Brand in Singapore

In Singapore’s bustling e-commerce sector, our client, a renowned gadget protective casing brand, faced a significant challenge. With a vast catalog, crafting content for each product’s landing page seemed almost impossible since they lacked the manpower and time.


Our writers, in close collaboration with the client, developed initial content pieces. Using this as a foundation, CMAX was then leveraged to generate a plethora of unique, tailored content pieces for each of their product.


The client’s landing pages evolved into rich information hubs, driving a substantial 31.2% increase in organic traffic in two months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust Area Ten?


With real expertise spanning more than two decades, we’ve evolved into a global powerhouse with a team of over 130 dedicated professionals, all united by a singular goal: driving profitable growth for our clients. 


Our programmatic SEO approach can achieve results four times faster and on a scale ten times larger than traditional methods. With us, you can see results as early as six weeks, which can progress upon deployment.


Will programmatic SEO slow down my site?


Not necessarily. Your user experience is our top priority and CMAX is designed with this in mind. By leveraging asynchronous JavaScript, CMAX ensures that content loads efficiently and stays indexable, without adding unnecessary bloat or compromising your site’s speed.


What metrics can I use to check if my current programmatic SEO strategy is working?


You can monitor your organic traffic, as it indicates how many visitors come from unpaid search results. You can also track keyword rankings to see where your content stands in search engine results. Lastly, you could also observe the click-through rate (CTR) which measures how often people click on your content after seeing it in search results.

What You’ve Learned: Key Takeaways from the Article

Diving into programmatic SEO, we’ve identified its potential and complexities. Here’s what you should remember:


  • Programmatic SEO’s Power: This approach allows businesses to generate thousands of content at scale and cater to a broader spectrum of queries, capturing potential customers that might otherwise be missed.
  • Beyond Head Terms: Focusing solely on high-volume keywords is limiting. Longtail search terms, though less popular, often signal stronger buyer intent which can lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Industry Nuance: Every industry has its unique rhythm. Tailored content that understands and respects these nuances is crucial.
  • Post-Deployment Strategy: The SEO journey doesn’t end with content deployment. Continuous adaptation to the ever-evolving digital landscape is essential.
  • Expert Perspective: The insights and guidance of an SEO expert are invaluable. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your approach, an expert’s viewpoint can be the difference between success and missed opportunities.

Actionable Advice

Navigating programmatic SEO requires both knowledge and proactive steps. Here’s a concise guide to enhance your SEO strategy:


  • Engage with Industry Experts: Collaborate with professionals who understand your industry’s unique challenges and nuances.
  • Leverage Technology: Use tools that automate SEO tasks, but ensure they are quality-checked by humans.
  • Avoid Content Recycling: Always strive for originality in your content, however it’s generated.
  • Optimize Every Element: From meta descriptions to title tags, ensure every element of your programmatic landing page is SEO-friendly.


A Final Note in Mastering Programmatic SEO


We’ve journeyed through the intricacies of programmatic SEO, understanding its potential and the pitfalls that can harm your website instead of benefitting it.


As we conclude this article, we’ll leave you with one last piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to embrace the benefits of programmatic SEO. But remember, partnering with an experienced expert is crucial. Their expertise will help you avoid common mistakes and achieve optimal growth.


In the digital age, where the race to the top is fierce and relentless, Area Ten emerges as the trailblazer, guiding businesses to online success. Our mantra is simple yet profound: Business growth in the fast lane. 


With the potent combination of our proprietary technology, CMAX, and two decades of industry expertise, we’ve redefined the SEO paradigm and have successfully orchestrated SEO strategies across every continent, barring Antarctica. 


Our commitment? 100% solutions. 0% excuses. 


We’re about innovation, passion, and a relentless drive. Whether it’s programmatic SEO or paid media management, we stand as the digital marketing agency services and technology company that champions change and drives growth. From the bustling markets of Australasia and North America to the dynamic landscapes of the United Kingdom, we’ve helped businesses thrive in tough verticals.  


So, will you stay in the shadows or step into the spotlight? The choice is yours. 


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