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Case Studies

Accelerating SEO Success for PACK & SEND

9th November, 2022

 PACK & SEND's SEO transformation resulted in a 178% surge in traffic, 91% increase in leads, and 86% rise in revenue.

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Charting Unprecedented Growth: BoozeBud’s SEO Triumph in a Crowded Marketplace

7th October, 2022

In just six weeks, BoozeBud.com.au secured top-tier rankings, leading to a 501% organic traffic boost and a phenomenal 945% ROI over two years, showcasing rapid....

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Supercharging Marketplacer’s US SEO Impact: A Platform’s Success Story

15th September, 2022

Area Ten rapidly accelerated Marketplacer's US online presence, boosting organic traffic by 401%, leads by 453%, and overall visibility by 10.9x within one year.

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Unveiling the SEO Success Story of Peace Lily

19th August, 2022

Within six weeks, Area Ten's SEO strategy boosted Peace Lily's organic Share of Voice by 180%, laying groundwork for 35% traffic and 37% revenue growth.

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Programmatic SEO Paves Way for MeetAlfred.com’s Success in the US Market

18th July, 2022

MeetAlfred.com skyrocketed its US market presence with a 3881% surge in non-brand traffic, a 52% increase in transactions, and a robust 420% ROI within one....

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