The Impact of Programmatic SEO on Different Industries

by Jeremy Tang

Traditional SEO methods are losing ground. That’s the reality. Here, we’ll talk about how programmatic SEO can be used as a solution, automating content creation at an unprecedented scale. At Area Ten, our approach tailors this strategy for different industries, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. Through innovations like CMAX™, businesses can achieve faster results while adapting to search engine algorithms and ensuring industry compliance.

Table Of Contents:

Tailoring Strategies for Industry Precision

Think traditional SEO methods don’t align with your industry’s unique requirements? You’re not alone in this. Many businesses grapple with the challenge of adapting broad SEO strategies to their niche needs and failing to top the search engine result pages.


Programmatic SEO is a revolutionary approach that allows businesses to generate content at an unprecedented scale. But the burning question remains: can it truly be tailored to address your industry’s distinct pain points and supercharge your SEO efforts? 

The Evolution of SEO: From Traditional to Programmatic

Businesses that rely on traditional SEO methods may be finding it harder to maintain their website performance in today’s saturated digital landscape. One of the primary reasons is their predominant focus on head terms. These are the high-volume, highly competitive keywords that, while important, are increasingly difficult and costly to rank for.


What they often ignore is the untapped potential of longtail keywords. These are specific, multi-word search queries that might have lower search volumes but reflect a much stronger buyer intent. 


Representing users who are further along in their decision-making process, these terms often lead to higher conversion rates.


Recognizing this shift, at Area Ten, we’ve pioneered our Full Body SEO approach. Instead of just focusing on the big fish, we aim to cast a wider net, capturing both head and longtail keywords. This ensures that our clients tap into the 90% of search opportunities that many competitors miss.


But here lies a significant challenge: How do you efficiently optimize a website and produce content for thousands of these longtail keywords?


This is where programmatic SEO emerges as a game-changer. It streamlines the process of churning out SEO-optimized content for a multitude of keywords, ensuring that businesses remain visible across the entire spectrum of potential search queries for better search engine rankings.


But does this mean a generic approach to programmatic SEO will yield the same results for different industries?

Customizing Programmatic SEO for Industry-Specific Needs

While many businesses and decision-makers are turning to programmatic SEO as a potential solution to dominate search results pages, it’s essential to recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach may not be effective.


The reality is that many programmatic SEO strategies tend to be generic. The strategies that might propel one industry to the top of search results could be ineffective or even counterproductive for another. 


This is where the true power of customization comes into play. At Area Ten, we understand this nuance. 

We offer curated strategies tailored to individual business needs. 


Interested in how we do things differently? Read on.


Capturing Local Audience with Precision

In many industries such as construction, hospitality, or finance, there’s a pressing need to boost their presence in certain locations.


Why? Because Google’s algorithms are finely tuned to this local emphasis. 


Users, in their quest for immediacy, often integrate local components in their search queries. These can be city names or the ever-popular term, “near me.” 


Another thing is that with most devices having location services enabled, Google’s local search algorithm factors in proximity. This means businesses in nearby areas are showcased on top of the search results when people from specific locations search for keywords relevant to them.


What this means for certain industries is that if they want to target certain keywords effectively, looking at their SEO from a local angle becomes increasingly important.


If you want to target the term “car repair New York,” you could create a landing page specifically for that phrase. This will not only optimize for the search term “car repair New York,” but also improve your rankings for broader keywords like “car repair” when they’re searched by users located in New York.


However, the monumental challenge for these businesses is crafting hundreds of location-specific pages, especially when their services cover many locations.


We have a way to address this at Area Ten. Our programmatic SEO approach, through our proprietary technology, CMAX, empowers us to generate thousands of SEO-optimized pages, each infused with hyper-specific references to locations. 


This strategy ensures that when individuals from a particular area search for specific keywords, Google recognizes and prioritizes the content and enhances your landing pages’ visibility.


But what if your business revolves around selling hundreds of products nationally or globally?


Amplifying e-commerce Pages

Another industry that could benefit from a tailored programmatic SEO strategy is e-commerce. Most e-commerce industries face the daunting challenge of crafting thousands of pages for an extensive product range.


Our programmatic SEO allows us to publish hundreds, even thousands of SEO-optimized pages tailored for each product or category, ensuring that every item you sell gets its spotlight.


Moreover, in today’s digital age, the majority of users are shopping via their mobile devices. This shift demands not only content relevance but also rapid page loading to ensure a seamless user experience. Any delay can mean a lost sale. 


But here’s the catch: with the sheer volume of content required for e-commerce, how do you maintain speed?


At Area Ten, we also use CMAX to sidestep this issue. The content we publish doesn’t even reside in your CMS. Instead, our content loads through asynchronous JavaScript. 


This ensures minimal latency, allowing your website to deliver vast amounts of content without compromising speed, Google indexing, or overall performance. 


What’s even better is that this process of deploying content isn’t limited to e-commerce; whether we’re amplifying your programmatic SEO for a local audience or targeting thousands of longtail keywords, speed, and user experience remain at the forefront of our approach.


You may be thinking “I don’t own an e-commerce website and I don’t need to appeal to certain locations. My concern is the complex regulations that I have to adhere to. How can I churn out content at scale without compromising quality?”


Compliance with Industry and Legal Requirements

We’ve already mentioned how we help industries capture local audiences and amplify their e-commerce pages. But what also makes our programmatic SEO stand apart from other generic approaches is what we do before generating content.


A common thread weaving through all industries, whether you’re in finance, health, entertainment, legal, or renewable energy, is the stringent set of regulations and standards you must adhere to. 


Generic programmatic SEO processes often stumble with this. While it can indeed churn out content at an impressive scale, it frequently misses the mark in ensuring compliance, brand voice consistency, and alignment with core messaging.


At Area Ten, we don’t just automate; we craft. Recognizing the pitfalls of a one-size-fits-all approach, we’ve pioneered a strategy that marries human expertise with automation. 


Our seasoned writers collaborate with clients, producing foundational content that not only meets industry and legal benchmarks but also resonates with the brand’s unique voice and ethos.


Once this meticulously crafted content receives approval, it becomes the blueprint for CMAX. Leveraging Natural Language Generation (NLG) algorithms, our system generates human-like, SEO-optimized content at scale.


This ensures that the content, whether deployed for an e-commerce website, a location-centric landing page, or any other, doesn’t just rank but also aligns seamlessly with your broader marketing vision.


Now if you’re wondering “Aside from generating thousands of relevant and compliant content at scale, is there any way Area Ten can help my business grow?”

Going Beyond Customization

We’ve shown how we at Area Ten adapt SEO to fit different industries. But we don’t just stop there. As you read along, you’ll see how we take things to the next level.


Interlinking Content for Maximum Impact

One of the pressing challenges industries face today is the intricate task of interlinking content. 


With programmatic SEO, you’re now equipped with thousands of content pieces for each product. But how do you ensure that these pieces don’t exist in isolation, but rather in harmony with other relevant pages?


To help you boost search engine rankings even further, CMAX creates topic clusters.


Picture a supermarket. Instead of products strewn about haphazardly, they’re meticulously categorized. This organization facilitates easier navigation and enriches the shopper’s experience, guiding them effortlessly to what they seek.


We’ve integrated Natural Language Understanding (NLU) into our proprietary technology, allowing it to fully comprehend the essence of each content piece. By using graph theory algorithms, we craft a strategic web of interlinked content.


The result? A digital ecosystem where every piece of content is not only easily accessible to users but also optimized for search engines, boosting SEO rankings and elevating the overall user experience.


Self-Optimization for Continous Growth

Every industry knows the tremors of an algorithm shift. Traditional SEO methods often lag behind the swift updates of search engine algorithms. This challenge intensifies with programmatic SEO since you’re dealing with a vast sea of content.


CMAX isn’t just another tool for generating and interlinking content. It’s also a self-learning, self-optimizing powerhouse. 


It uses Reinforcement Learning (RL) and conducts A/B tests to compare the performance of each content piece to identify which strategies yield results and which falter.


Drawing inspiration from Heuristic methods (rule-of-thumb strategies that simplify complex problem-solving), CMAX takes proactive steps. It doesn’t just spot the best content strategies but rather implements them. 


Our portfolio-level optimization ensures that even if certain pages lag behind, CMAX reallocates resources, guaranteeing every piece of content contributes to better website performance.


So, while many industries grapple with the latest algorithmic twists and turns, our clients are consistently a stride ahead.

Case Studies

Here are two stories that show how our tailored strategies and industry-focused SEO solutions at Area Ten empowered two top-tier brands


A Luxury e-commerce Products Transformation

In the competitive world of luxury e-commerce, our client, a prominent seller of high-end items, faced a daunting challenge.


With a vast array of products—skincare, makeup, and fragrance—they grappled with the task of crafting unique content for each item. They had limited manpower and time constraints.


They asked for our help at Area Ten. We started by crafting bespoke templates, penned by expert human copywriters that resonate with the brand’s voice and core messaging. Once this was meticulously approved, it enabled CMAX to generate thousands of SEO-optimized pages for each of its products.


CMAX, with its advanced capabilities, also created content clusters by smartly interlinking related pages. This not only enhanced the user experience but also bolstered the SEO visibility of interlinked product pages.


Through our tailored approach, our client saw a staggering 14.1% surge in organic traffic in just seven weeks.


A Home Internet Service Provider’s Local Expansion

Our next client is a top home internet service provider in Australia. As the country’s wholesale broadband network expands its reach, our client has been growing in tandem.


But with expansion came the challenge of gaining recognition from the new areas they can cater to. They wanted to produce content for each of these locations without resorting to tedious manual methods.


Leveraging the expertise of our human copywriters, we crafted initial content pieces that not only adhered to their brand voice and core messaging but complied with the regulations of the internet service sector.


Once this was approved, CMAX churned out hundreds of SEO-optimized pages, each embedded with hyper-specific references to new locations they can service. This effectively signaled to Google the relevance of these pages to users in those specific areas.


Furthermore, CMAX’s self-optimization capabilities ensured these landing pages remained agile, adapting seamlessly to any algorithmic shifts. The outcome? A remarkable 20.9% boost in organic traffic for their new local landing pages in a mere nine weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which strategy for programmatic SEO will work best for my business?

The best strategy depends on your particular industry and the unique nature of your business. We invite you to a consultation where we can delve deeper into your needs and pain points. We can also showcase a plethora of case studies that demonstrate the successful implementation of our technology across diverse sectors.

How soon can I anticipate results when I collaborate with Area Ten?

With our Full Body SEO approach, you’re not left waiting for twelve, not even six months. Our clients can begin to witness results within the initial six weeks, with these results progressively amplifying over time. Our tech-first methodology ensures that we deliver SEO outcomes at an accelerated pace.

How can my USPs be incorporated into the content you create?

The keyword research and content creation journey here at Area Ten is collaborative. If you have specific USPs or particular phrasing that resonates with your brand’s voice, we’re all ears. We ensure that these elements are seamlessly woven into the content. And rest assured, we’ll wait for your approval before any piece of content serves as a foundation for additional content.

What You’ve Learned: Key Takeaways from the Article

We’ve successfully covered how programmatic SEO can be tailored for different industries. Here’s a distilled overview of the insights we’ve covered:


  • Programmatic SEO’s Efficiency: This approach automates content creation, allowing businesses to produce SEO-optimized content for a multitude of keywords efficiently.
  • Customization is Key: A generic programmatic SEO strategy isn’t enough. Tailoring it to industry-specific needs is non-negotiable.
  • Local SEO Precision: With the rise of local search’s importance, creating location-specific pages is crucial for many industries. Our programmatic approach makes this possible at scale.
  • E-commerce Amplification: Our strategy ensures every product in an e-commerce platform gets its spotlight, with content delivered rapidly without compromising website performance.
  • Compliance and Brand Voice: Area Ten’s blend of human expertise and automation ensures content is not only compliant but also resonates with a brand’s unique voice.

Actionable Advice

For businesses looking to harness the power of programmatic SEO, it’s not just about understanding its potential but also about implementing it effectively. Here are some actionable steps to consider:


  • Audit Your Current SEO: Identify areas of strength and weakness to determine where programmatic SEO can offer the most value. Reach out to us for an SEO audit.
  • Collaborate with Experts: Consider partnering with experts like Area Ten who understand the nuances of programmatic SEO and can tailor strategies to your specific industry needs.
  • Embrace Automation, but Don’t Lose the Human Touch: While automation can streamline processes, ensure that your content remains authentic, compliant, and in line with your brand voice.

The Power of Tailored SEO Strategies

The digital landscape is vast, but its true potential lies in the niches. As industries diversify and specialize, so too must their SEO strategies. Programmatic SEO, with its ability to automate and scale, offers a promising solution. 


Yet, its true brilliance emerges when tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each industry.


Before clicking on our next post, remember that in a world teeming with generic strategies, the future belongs to those who recognize and cater to the distinct nuances of their sector.


With our proprietary technology, CMAX, we’ve revolutionized the SEO landscape, targeting both head and longtail search terms at an unprecedented scale. Our approach? 100% solutions, 0% excuses.


As a leading digital marketing agency and technology company, our expertise spans across various industries. From insurance to skincare, we’ve consistently delivered results, driving the right traffic that converts into real business outcomes. Our integrated solutions, backed by a team of SEO experts, ensure that we don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them.


We’ve made our mark globally, serving clients across every continent except Antarctica. Our commitment? Business growth in the fast lane. With decades of experience, a holistic approach, and our groundbreaking CMAX platform, we’ll start showing results in six weeks, not months.


Whether you’re looking for programmatic SEO, paid media management, or a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, partner with us at Area Ten. 


But we know that deciding on a partner for your SEO needs is a crucial decision. It’s important to hear from those who’ve walked the path before you. Here’s a testimonial from one of our clients, a digital marketing strategist for a leading internet service provider in Australia:


“Partnering with Area Ten made all the difference. We were able to generate landing pages for each of the new locations we expanded to, something I reckon we couldn’t have pulled off as quickly on our own. They even took the reins on end-to-end implementation, from SEO optimisation to A/B testing, allowing us to concentrate on high-level strategy and KPI tracking. Their agile approach to project management streamlined the execution process, minimising time-to-market and maximising ROI. ”


It’s time to liberate your business. It’s time for transformative growth.


Don’t be left behind in the digital race—seize this opportunity now. 


Reach out and book your FREE SEO Performance Fast Track and start witnessing results in just six weeks.

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