A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Programmatic SEO

by Jeremy Tang

The guide aims to simplify the complexities of programmatic SEO, offering newcomers a clear roadmap to harness its potential effectively. Key components of this strategy include keyword research, data analysis, and crafting brand-aligned content. Area Ten’s proprietary tool, CMAX™, is introduced as a means to optimize generated content and adapt to ever-changing algorithm updates.

Table Of Contents:

Want to Go Programmatic but Don’t Know How?

Starting with programmatic SEO may seem like a maze, but it shouldn’t be.


What if there was a clear, step-by-step guide to demystify the process? This article, brought to you by us at Area Ten, is what you’re looking for. Below is our comprehensive guide on programmatic SEO, designed to equip you with insights to optimize your online presence effectively.

Setting Our Goals Straight

Before diving deep into the intricacies of programmatic SEO, it’s important to understand the destination we’re aiming for.


The goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to help your business achieve higher rankings and increased organic traffic. And with higher organic traffic, you could be closer to higher conversion rates and, ultimately, revenue.


But how does it work?


At its core, SEO is akin to a colossal Question and Answer game. The game begins by discerning the myriad of questions your potential customers pose to search engines. Once equipped with this knowledge, the objective is to furnish precise, relevant answers to these queries. 


The more questions your business adeptly answers, the loftier the rankings your site can command. 


However, the challenges many businesses grapple with, and perhaps the reason you’re gravitating towards programmatic SEO are these:


  1. There’s a sheer magnitude of questions to answer.
  2. You’re not the only one answering.


Now, how do we achieve our goal of increased organic traffic and revenue given these constraints? The answer is programmatic SEO. 


It allows businesses to generate a multitude of those answers at scale, a strategy that empowers it to magnetize more traffic at a pace that traditional, manual methods can’t match.


We have to tell you this before we go on to the first step: Not every programmatic SEO strategy is the same. What we’re about to share is a glimpse into Area Ten’s approach, which allows us to achieve impactful SEO results four times quicker and on a scale ten times greater than conventional methods. 


This is how we deliver results in as little as six weeks, not months.


Ready? Here’s step number one.

Step #1: Keyword Research

Keywords are the lifeblood of SEO. They’re the very words and phrases that potential customers type into search engines, seeking answers, products, or services. In essence, they form the bridge between your brand and the consumer, directing a stream of traffic to specific URLs on your website.


Now, while traditional SEO methods have been laborious, time-consuming, and often expensive, programmatic SEO offers a revolutionary approach. It’s now possible to scout not just hundreds, but thousands of keywords.


But here’s where Area Ten diverges from the norm. Most traditional SEO strategies are fixated on head terms—those high-competition keywords that boast vast search volumes. While they promise a deluge of traffic, they’re notoriously tough and expensive to rank for.


Our strategy at Area Ten is more holistic. We champion a Full Body SEO approach. Instead of merely chasing after head terms, we cast our net wider to encompass longtail keywords. These are the phrases that, while having lower search volumes, often resonate with users further along their purchasing journey. 


Imagine swapping out a fishing rod for a vast net. The rod might snag the occasional big fish (head terms), but it misses the swarm of smaller ones (longtail terms). Our approach ensures we cast a wide net, capturing a plethora of search opportunities.


The result? Less competition, more significant growth potential, and a higher profitability margin for your brand.


But bringing these fish up the boat is not enough. How do we make sure we get to use these fishes properly and to their fullest potential?

Step #2: Data Analysis

The real magic lies in data analysis. Understanding your data can help you in our next step, which is to craft content that doesn’t just tick the SEO box but truly resonates with the user’s underlying needs for optimal user experience.


We have an in-depth article around this, but here’s how it’s done:


First, you have to know your market’s search intent—the “why” behind keywords or the silent force propelling every search query.


You also have to analyze user behavior and demographics to fine-tune your content to resonate with specific audience characteristics, ensuring a tailored conversation that feels personal. Think of it as a one-on-one chat with your audience but at scale.


Lastly, you have to keep a keen eye on the competition. By dissecting their SEO strategies and keyword choices, we can gain a strategic advantage before we even deploy our content.


By now, you already know who your audience is, what questions they’re asking, and why. How can we craft answers that actually convert them?

Step #3: Crafting Base Content

Generic programmatic SEO approaches may lead you to skip this step and jump straight to content generation.

However, we at Area Ten recognize the pitfalls of such a generic approach. Your goal should be producing content that aligns with user intent, brand tone, industry, and legal standards. Ignoring this step can lead to duplicated or irrelevant content, a pitfall we meticulously avoid.

At Area Ten, we collaborate closely with our clients when creating templates, choosing keywords, and crafting content. Leveraging the expertise of human writers, we write initial content pieces that not only resonate with the brand but also adhere to compliance and legal requirements. 

By marrying the precision of the human touch with the scalability of programmatic SEO, we amplify your brand’s reach without compromising its voice or message. 

This further ensures that our content not only aligns with search intent but also seamlessly integrates with your existing marketing initiatives.

But how do we actually regenerate thousands of content and landing pages without spending so much time and money all while maintaining the base content’s relevancy?

Step #4: Content Generation at Scale

With your approval, this content becomes the training data for our cutting-edge proprietary technology, CMAX. It’s a revolutionary platform designed to produce millions of unique, context-rich landing pages, each tailored to achieve top-tier rankings on search engines like Google.

By leveraging CMAX, we ensure that your brand’s voice remains consistent, yet expansive, reaching corners of the digital realm previously thought unreachable. Plus, you don’t have to worry about duplicate content, a common issue with traditional programmatic SEO.

Now, you may be wondering “How can I publish so much content without my website crashing?” 

While there are myriad techniques and tools available, such as setting up a CMS collection, the essence lies in flawless execution. 

At Area Ten, we’ve reimagined this process. Instead of the traditional methods that anchor content within your CMS, the content we curate, powered by CMAX, is seamlessly integrated into your website using asynchronous JavaScript.

This ensures minimal latency, optimizing your website for SEO without compromising its speed, Google indexing, or overall performance.

The brilliance of our method? Implementation is swift and straightforward. Typically, the deployment of our Programmatic SEO system spans a mere four to six weeks. Moreover, CMAX strategically creates topic clusters by smartly interlinking content. This helps further increase your website’s rankings and helps your audience and search engines to find relevant information on your site.

Now you essentially have programmatic content implemented into your site, congratulations. But that’s not the end. What if an algorithm update rolls around tomorrow and a portion of your website underperforms?

Step #5: Post-Deployment Optimization

In the ever-evolving landscape of SEO, setting and forgetting it is a recipe for stagnation. Search engine algorithms are in constant flux, and today’s best practices might be tomorrow’s outdated techniques. 


The challenge? Continuously optimizing thousands of landing pages to stay ahead of these changes.


Is it possible to do it without having someone or a whole team constantly monitor and adjust thousands of your programmatic pages? 


Yes, and here’s how we do it at Area Ten:


Unlike traditional systems that merely suggest potential improvements, CMAX takes immediate action. Think of it as the difference between someone advising you to change direction and a self-driving car that automatically adjusts its route based on real-time data.


Drawing inspiration from nature, our system mirrors the principles of stigmergy and swarm intelligence. 


Just as ants adapt their paths based on pheromone trails, indicating the most efficient routes, CMAX ensures each piece of content communicates and recalibrates in response to the latest data and trends. It performs real-world testing on the page level and then shares the insights across our entire programmatic portfolio to enhance performance continuously.


A month from now, your content won’t be static. It will have evolved, mirroring the most current data and trends. And if certain pages lag behind? Our technology intelligently rebalances the entire portfolio, ensuring no page is left behind.

Case Studies

Witness the tangible impact of our unique blend of human expertise and cutting-edge technology through these case studies.


Revitalizing a UK-Based Hair Extensions E-Commerce Giant

Our client, a leading e-commerce business specializing in wigs and hair extensions in the UK, was facing a plateau in growth. Their analytics revealed that most of their traffic was flocking to informational pages about hair extension basics. While this was valuable, they aimed to target potential buyers who were closer to making a purchase.


We implemented our Full Body SEO approach. Instead of just targeting generic terms, we honed in on specific, purchase-intent keywords such as “the best 22-inch human hair extensions,” and “everyday extensions for dirty blondes.” 


By leveraging our proprietary technology, CMAX, we ensured the content and keywords deployed were not only relevant but also continuously optimized based on real-time data.


Within just ten weeks, the client witnessed a 15.2% increase in organic traffic.


Electrifying Growth for an Expanding Electrical Works Company in Singapore

As an established electrical works company in Singapore, our client was on a mission to expand its footprint across new areas. Their previous SEO strategy was heavily reliant on AI tools, which unfortunately led to duplicate and thin content that failed to resonate with their audience in specific locations.


We stepped in, recognizing the need for a more localized and authentic approach. We combined the power of our CMAX with the expertise of our human writers. The initial content pieces were meticulously crafted to align with the company’s brand guidelines, ensuring authenticity and relevance. 


This content then served as training data for our technology, allowing us to generate tens of thousands of pieces of local-centric content.


This ensured that the content was not only unique but also optimized for local search. The result? A 29.7% increase in organic traffic within three months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much content can I deploy when starting with programmatic SEO?


There isn’t a strict ceiling on the volume of unique content you can publish. But for those venturing into programmatic content, we advise against exceeding 5,000 unique pages initially, unless your site boasts a robust authority—a metric we can assess for you. 


Post-deployment, the page count can be incrementally ramped up depending on how it performs on Google.


Can I DIY programmatic SEO?


While venturing solo is an option, be prepared to navigate potential pitfalls. Technical glitches, like broken links or sluggish load times, can torpedo your site’s ranking. 


To ensure your programmatic SEO truly delivers, consider aligning with a trusted partner. At Area Ten, we’ve been the guiding force behind countless local and global businesses since 2014, propelling them to establish authority, earn trust, and scale through search.


Our seasoned team, each member boasting a minimum of five years of hands-on experience, stands ready to flawlessly execute your campaigns and address all your queries.


Will I lose website authority with generated content?


When wielded correctly, generated content shouldn’t dent your website’s authority. 


Google’s ranking algorithms are designed to reward content that radiates E-E-A-T: expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, irrespective of how it’s produced. Google itself suggests that if AI serves as a pivotal tool in crafting content that’s both beneficial and original, it’s a worthy avenue to explore.


It’s also worth noting that, at Area Ten, our programmatic SEO platform harnesses software to empower our clients in building authority, transcending traditional link-building methods.

What You’ve Learned: Key Takeaways from the Article

As we’ve talked about the steps to implementing programmatic SEO, it’s evident that this approach is more than just a fleeting trend—it’s the future. Here are the pivotal points to remember:


  • SEO is a Q&A Game: The essence of SEO lies in understanding the questions your potential customers ask and providing precise answers. Programmatic SEO scales this process, answering more questions than traditional methods.
  • Full Body SEO Approach: Instead of focusing solely on high-competition head terms, Area Ten’s strategy encompasses both head and longtail keywords, capturing a broader range of search opportunities.
  • CMAX is Groundbreaking: This technology allows for the generation of millions of unique landing pages, ensuring content is expansive yet consistent with the brand voice.
  • Dynamic Optimization is Essential: SEO isn’t static. With CMAX, content evolves in real-time, adapting to the latest data and trends, and ensuring continuous optimization.

Actionable Advice

Implementing these steps effectively can set your business apart. Here’s what you can do:


  • Start with Data: Before diving into content creation, gather comprehensive data on potential keywords and understand the search intent behind them.
  • Prioritize Content Adherence: While programmatic SEO allows for content generation at scale, ensure the base content aligns with brand tone and meets industry standards.
  • Invest in Technology: Tools like CMAX can be game-changers. Harness their power to generate content at scale and ensure dynamic optimization.

Collaborate with Experts: If unsure, seek expertise. Partnering with seasoned professionals, like Area Ten, can provide guidance, ensuring your programmatic SEO journey is on the right track.

Before Starting with Programmatic SEO

Programmatic SEO, blending data-driven strategies with automated content creation, not only propels your website into the limelight of search engine rankings but also ensures it becomes a magnet for organic traffic. It requires strategic keyword research, data analysis, crafting foundational content, generating content at scale, and deploying and dynamically optimizing pages.


But before you start with programmatic SEO, remember this: It shouldn’t overshadow the human touch; it should amplify it. As with all revolutionary technologies, it empowers businesses to zero in on overarching challenges and focus on other important tasks.


Area Ten, a digital marketing agency services and technology company, stands as a paragon of transformative and rapid results. We’ve honed our SEO expertise in terms of our Programmatic SEO and Paid Media Management services. Our mantra, 100% solutions, 0% excuses, is our commitment to deliver scalable results in six weeks, not months, through our innovative SEO Fast Track.


Our proprietary technology, CMAX, enables us to optimize your website for thousands of keywords swiftly, scaling your traffic in a timeframe that shatters conventional expectations. 


Our expertise spans each continent (Antarctica excluded, for now), having executed successful SEO programs in major markets like Australasia, North America, and the United Kingdom, making us the first-choice partner for enterprises aiming to drive organic growth in their respective industries.


It’s time to liberate your business from the constraints of traditional SEO practices and embrace a future where your digital presence is not just seen but dominates. With Area Ten, you’re not just adopting programmatic SEO; you’re aligning with a partner who brings smart ideas, a relentless drive, and the right application of technology to liberate your business and drive unprecedented growth.


It’s likely your competitor has an SEO strategy in place. Will you let them outpace you or will you take the shortcut? 


Inquire about our FREE SEO Fast Track today and discover a pathway to start improving your SEO within just six weeks.

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