How To Maximize Different Shopify SEO Tools

by Jeremy Tang

The article highlights different Shopify SEO tools, detailing their features and how they can boost your store’s online visibility. It underscores the importance of keyword research, technical SEO audits, and performance analytics. It also explores the benefits of partnering with a specialized SEO agency to maximize these tools’ effectiveness. 

Table Of Contents:

Finding the Edge in Ecommerce Visibility

For many Shopify store owners, it can indeed be a daunting task to amplify their online visibility. But as Thomas Edison, the iconic inventor, once pointed out, “There’s a way to do it better—find it.”


Embracing this mindset, finding the right Shopify SEO tools could just be the breakthrough your store needs. But what tools are available, and are they really enough to carve out a space for your platform in the bustling ecommerce marketplace?


Why is SEO Important in Shopify?

When it comes to highly competitive ecommerce platforms like Shopify, every bit of advantage can determine your success or doom. This makes optimizing your website for search engines non-negotiable.


SEO increases your online store’s visibility, propelling it to the forefront when potential customers look for the products you offer. Moreover, a well-crafted SEO strategy enhances your site’s structure, navigation, and content, significantly improving user experience.


But why has it become so hard for many Shopify stores to amp up their SEO performance? If you’ve clicked on this article, perhaps you’re wondering, “I’ve used all the built-in Shopify SEO tools to the fullest, but I’m barely seeing results. What am I missing?”

Debunking a Myth: Built-in SEO Tools Are Enough

Shopify comes equipped with a suite of built-in Shopify SEO tools. It offers features like auto-generated canonical tags to prevent duplicate content and the auto-generation of sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.


And, when you dive a bit deeper, you’ll also find the option to customize page titles and descriptions, as well as edit the alt texts for images. It certainly seems like Shopify has you covered. 


But here’s the straight talk: these tools, as efficient as they are, aren’t the whole picture. They may provide a solid foundational layer for your SEO efforts, but they come with limitations. Additionally, you could face specific challenges that these built-in tools may not address.


Now, what other tools can you take advantage of, and in what aspects of your SEO will they be useful?

Common Challenges and Tools That Can Help

Duplicate Content Issues


Duplicate content is one of the major challenges Shopify store owners face, but why does this happen in the first place?


Let’s say you’re setting up an online fashion store on Shopify. As the store owner, you naturally want to showcase that your product comes in different sizes and colors. However, each variant—be it small, medium, large, red, blue, or green—might be given its own unique URL by Shopify. 


This means that, for example, a single t-shirt available in different colors and sizes can end up with several URLs with the same content that all lead to what is essentially the same t-shirt. 


Search engines, in their quest for unique and relevant content, might view these identical URLs as repetitious. The result? Your website’s ranking could dip.


This is where canonical URLs can be helpful. A canonical URL is like a guidepost that informs search engines, “Hey, out of these multiple paths, this is the primary one you should consider.” However, Shopify might not always set these guideposts up accurately.


So, how do you find out if this issue persists in your Shopify store?


To help you deal with duplicate content, you can utilize tools like Copyscape or Siteliner to scan your platform, ensuring that product descriptions and other textual elements remain unique across all pages. Additionally, Ahrefs offers a site audit feature that can detect not only duplicate content but also any missing canonical tags.


Dissecting Technical SEO


It’s true that technical changes typically make up less than 20% of SEO performance since search engines, especially giants like Google, have become adept at seeking and understanding content. 


Still, technical SEO is essential for ecommerce stores. With the plethora of products you offer, search engines must be able to access, crawl, and index your site effectively.


And when it comes to Shopify, there are a few technical challenges that you need to address:


  • The No Trailing Slash Redirect Conundrum: Shopify’s default setting generates URLs without a trailing slash (“/”). However, users and search engines can access the same page while using a trailing slash. The problem is that Shopify does not automatically redirect from one version to another. This can negatively affect SEO because search engines might treat these URLs as separate pages, leading to duplicate content and indexing issues.
  • The Sitemap Saga: Think of sitemaps as the blueprint of your website, which serves as a guide for search engines. While Shopify automatically generates this blueprint for you, it may occasionally miss the mark. There can be instances in which the sitemap does not include all pages or lists pages you don’t want indexed. 


Leveraging tools like Google Search Console can be a game-changer here. This tool offers critical insights into how Google views and processes your sitemap and tracks URLs’ indexing status. With these insights, you can pinpoint redirect challenges and enhance your store’s search engine visibility with informed adjustments.


Keyword Optimization


Keywords are pivotal when it comes to optimizing your Shopify store. Using the right keywords can drive increased visibility, attract the right audience, and enhance the overall discoverability of your products on search engines.


Keywords can also enhance the user experience. Users need clear signposts to guide their buying journey. Relevant keywords serve this exact purpose on your Shopify store, offering clear pathways and ensuring users find exactly what products they’re seeking.


Platforms like Google Keyword Planner offer deep insights into keyword volume, competition, and even fresh keyword ideas. Coupled with that, Google Trends empowers brands with a unique perspective, showing trending topics and keywords you could target.


Answer the Public could be another helpful tool, revealing long tail keywords and offering a reservoir of content ideas you can use.


Tracking Analytics and Performance


SEO tracking, as intricate as it may sound, is your key to understanding your Shopify store’s standing in the vast landscape of online retail. By diving deep into metrics such as keyword rankings, search engine traffic, and most importantly, the conversion rate, you can unearth insights into how your store truly performs. 


Using Google Search Console and Google Analytics can help you understand how your SEO performs. With these tools, you can monitor your store’s presence in Google search results and get a deep dive into traffic behavior and page performance.

The Need for an Adept SEO Partner

Having the right tools at your disposal is indeed an advantage for Shopify store owners. However, even the best Shopify SEO tools have their limitations. While these mechanisms can guide you through keyword identification, on-page tweaks, and content blueprinting, they cannot substitute the strategic intuition only an adept Shopify SEO consultant can provide.


This is where the need for a dedicated Shopify SEO agency, like Area Ten, becomes evident. Our seasoned team of more than 130 professionals dives deep into these tools, ensuring no potential for enhanced visibility is left untapped. 


Our blueprint includes an exhaustive technical SEO audit, which allows us to identify issues in your Shopify store, and an aggressive, tailored content strategy that ensures organic traffic flows to your platform.


For over two decades, we’ve been the guiding force for numerous ecommerce giants, navigating them through the competitive landscape of every major CMS system, including Shopify. Our combined annual online revenue generated from current ecommerce SEO clients of over $1.1 billion proves that we know the ins and outs of delivering bigger results, faster.

Area Ten’s Approach to Shopify SEO

Since 2014, we have carved out a niche in the bustling realm of SEO. We take pride in having painted the world of ecommerce SEO with successful campaigns, our strokes spanning every corner of the globe save for the icy expanses of Antarctica.


At the heart of our technology-first approach is CMAX™, our proprietary technology. With a focus on programmatic SEO, CMAX is capable of churning out thousands of SEO-optimized content pieces at scale.


And as search engines and the competitive landscape evolve, CMAX ensures you’re always at the forefront. Its adaptive intelligence, self-learning, and self-optimizing capabilities keep the content we deploy ahead of the curve.


This is how we can start delivering results for Shopify stores like yours in just six weeks, not months.

Case Studies

Programmatic SEO Triumph for a Shopify Liquor Marketplace in Melbourne


In the bustling ecommerce sphere of Australia, a leading online liquor retailer was grappling with a unique challenge. Their Shopify store was an emerging haven for Australia’s choicest beverages from breweries, distilleries, and wineries. However, they sought solutions for the overwhelming task of generating unique, brand-aligned content for the multitude of products on their website. 


Their search for an organic SEO agency led them to our doorstep.


To meet this need, our seasoned writers created bespoke templates, ensuring that the essence of their brand was reflected. Once this was approved by the client, CMAX used it as training data to produce thousands of SEO-optimized and fully compliant pages for each of their products.


Within a span of two and a half months, our client witnessed a 21.4% surge in organic traffic. This boost in visibility was complemented by a tangible 35.6% increase in organic revenue.


Here’s what their marketing manager thought about the breakthroughs they’ve witnessed with our partnership:


“We’ve always envisioned our beverages at every Aussie celebration but our online presence wasn’t keeping pace. Google Ads were costing an arm and a leg, and with our huge range of drinks, we couldn’t keep up with the content. 


Area Ten got us moving quickly, pumping out spot-on content fast. Just a couple of weeks later our traffic’s already on the up. It’s a massive win for us—more cash in the till and less worry, too.”


SEO Overhaul for a Haircare Shopify Specialist in the United States


A flourishing Shopify store specializing in wigs, hair color, and haircare essentials in the United States approached us at Area Ten with a critical issue—their digital visibility was far below potential, and their landing pages were not performing as expected.


We started with a comprehensive technical SEO audit, where our team uncovered a plethora of issues that hindered their online performance. The audit revealed problems with their robots.txt files, URL structures, and sitemap inconsistencies.


Addressing these technicalities was our first order of business. We prioritized the most impactful and simplest fixes, ensuring quick wins and setting the stage for more profound improvements. This initial phase laid the groundwork for CMAX to take our SEO efforts to the next level through programmatic content.


Our Full Body SEO strategy was then rolled out in full force, targeting an extensive range of keywords to elevate the site’s ranking and capture the breadth of search opportunities. By generating thousands of pieces of content that weaved both head terms and long tail keywords, we ensured that our client dominated the search results and reached a wider audience.


In just over six weeks, the haircare retailer enjoyed a notable 18.2% increase in organic traffic and 29.7% growth in organic revenue, which firmly established the client’s online presence and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Area Ten’s programmatic SEO approach lead to duplicate content?


No. Our proprietary system, CMAX, sidesteps this concern. By employing advanced AI-based methods, we are able to optimize websites for thousands of keywords by generating thousands of distinctive, contextually rich pages. What you get is a scalable SEO solution where you can start seeing results in just six weeks.


Can I build domain authority in Shopify?


Increasing your store’s domain authority is crucial for establishing credibility in the digital marketplace. While some Shopify SEO tools focus narrowly on backlinks, we take a different approach at Area Ten. We concentrate on a vast array of variables that propel your authority skyward without the sole reliance on link-building tactics.


Our focus is crafting content that not only ranks but also significantly widens your brand’s digital footprint. Moreover, we use AI-based alternatives that can deliver results faster and at a much larger scale. 


How soon can Area Ten implement programmatic SEO for my Shopify store?


Speed and efficiency are the hallmarks of our service. We can incorporate CMAX into your Shopify setup within four to eight weeks. In terms of technical implementation, it only takes a simple code addition to the pages on your Shopify store that you wish to optimize.

What You’ve Learned: Key Takeaways from the Article

Here are the key points to remember if you want to take advantage of Shopify SEO tools:


  • SEO is essential for Shopify stores due to the competitive nature of the ecommerce platform.
  • Shopify provides basic SEO tools, but they may not be sufficient for all SEO needs.
  • Duplicate content is a common issue for Shopify stores, often due to the automatic generation of URLs.
  • Technical SEO is still important for Shopify stores.
  • Third-party tools can help with issues like identifying duplicate content, technical SEO challenges, keyword optimization, and tracking analytics.
  • Adept SEO partners and agencies can provide a strategic approach that tools alone cannot offer.

Actionable Advice

Optimizing your Shopify store doesn’t have to be daunting. Here’s an action plan to get you started:


  • Address technical SEO issues such as the no trailing slash redirect problem and ensure your sitemap is accurately reflecting your site’s structure.
  • Focus on keyword optimization not just for SEO but also for improving user experience.
  • Regularly track your store’s performance using analytics tools to understand and improve your SEO efforts.
  • Consider hiring an SEO agency that specializes in Shopify to develop and implement a more comprehensive SEO strategy.
  • Leverage programmatic SEO through technologies for scalable, optimized content creation.

A Final Word for Shopify SEO Tools

We’ve navigated through Shopify SEO’s intricacies, unearthing the strategies and tools that can elevate your online presence. But remember, the true strength of these tools is realized when they’re wielded by experts who can tailor their potential directly to your unique brand story. So, don’t hesitate to carefully select a digital marketing agency that has proven its expertise in the ecommerce landscape.


Unlock the full potential of your Shopify store with us at Area Ten, where our blend of cutting-edge technology and deep-seated expertise sets your business on the fast track to success. 


Our proprietary CMAX technology is the driving force behind our promise of delivering bigger SEO results, faster. Embracing both breadth and precision, we target an extensive array of keywords, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience.


From bustling markets in North America to dynamic spaces in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, our global reach is unmatched. We’ve implemented successful SEO campaigns in all continents except Antarctica, and we’re committed to delivering 100% solutions and 0% excuses. 


We are not just a service provider; we are your growth partner, ready to propel your business whether it’s through programmatic SEO or comprehensive paid media management.


Don’t be the one who looks back regretting what your store could have become with us at Area Ten.


Contact us today for a free SEO audit.

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