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Ecommerce SEO: Turning Challenges into Triumphs

Are you navigating the complex terrain of ecommerce SEO, trying to elevate your WordPress site above a sea of competitors? Does the challenge of balancing technical SEO nuances with compelling content creation feel overwhelming? Perhaps you’re continually adjusting strategies, yet the surge in traffic and conversions remains elusive. 


These struggles are all too familiar in the world of WordPress ecommerce, where the rules of engagement are constantly evolving.


Ecommerce SEO is like a dynamic puzzle, demanding not just technical proficiency but also a deep understanding of your unique market segment. Crafting an SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals and resonates with your audience’s needs is more art than science. 


This challenge intensifies with the myriad of options WordPress offers—from themes and plugins to content management—each factor playing a crucial role in your SEO success.


If you’re running a WordPress ecommerce site, achieving and maintaining high visibility in the cutthroat online market is no easy task. As a seasoned marketplace SEO agency, WordPress SEO agency, and BigCommerce SEO agency, we at Area Ten understand the challenge.


Read on to learn more about WordPress Ecommerce SEO strategies.

Optimizing WordPress SEO with Strategic Plugin Integration

Plugins are powerful tools that can significantly elevate your site’s performance. They streamline complex tasks such as on-page optimization, site speed enhancement, and structured data implementation, making them less time-consuming and more efficient. 


The judicious selection and utilization of these plugins can greatly amplify your existing SEO efforts, but it’s crucial to remember that they complement, not replace, a robust SEO strategy.


Customizing Your SEO Arsenal with the Right Plugins


Choosing the right plugins for your WordPress site is akin to selecting the best tools for a craftsman’s toolbox. 


Each plugin should serve a specific purpose that aligns with your overall SEO objectives. For instance, Yoast SEO is renowned for its comprehensive on-page SEO capabilities, while plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are pivotal in accelerating site speed, a critical factor for both user experience and search engine rankings.


It’s essential to approach plugin selection with a strategic mindset. Assess the unique needs of your website and identify areas where plugins can make the most significant impact. This might include enhancing your content’s visibility with SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions or improving site navigation with efficient sitemap generators.


Balancing Speed, Quality, and User Experience


While site speed is a crucial component of your SEO strategy, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. A swift-loading website can significantly boost user engagement and retention, but it must be balanced with high-quality content and an intuitive, user-friendly design. 


Plugins that optimize images, minify CSS and JavaScript, and enable lazy loading can contribute to faster page load times without compromising on the aesthetic and functional aspects of your site.


Data-Driven Plugin Management for Enhanced Performance


Effective plugin management involves not only selection and installation but also regular performance monitoring. Utilizing analytics tools to track how different plugins impact your site’s SEO performance is vital. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions, tweaking and fine-tuning your plugin strategy for optimal results.


Empowering Your WordPress Site with Strategic Plugin Use


The intelligent use of WordPress SEO plugins simplifies and enhances your optimization efforts. These tools, when used strategically, can free you up to focus on creating compelling content and delivering exceptional user experiences. 


Remember, the most effective SEO strategy combines the technical proficiency of plugins with the creative brilliance of quality content and user-centric design. 

Tailored SEO Strategies

Beyond General SEO Tactics


Mastering the basics like keyword optimization, meta tag adjustments, and traditional link building are popular SEO techniques, yet they often lack the dynamism and scale necessary in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


At Area Ten, we like to push beyond the norm. We harness the power of AI-based alternatives to traditional methods, focusing on rapid deployment and large-scale content generation. Our approach doesn’t just check the SEO boxes—it propels you forward at a speed and scale that sets you apart from the competition.


Engaging With the Breakthrough Power of Programmatic SEO


Area Ten is at the forefront of programmatic SEO, an innovative approach that combines AI-powered platforms with real-world testing. Our proprietary technology, CMAX™, doesn’t just target the obvious head terms. It delves deeper, capturing long-tail search queries with our Full Body SEO approach. This strategy ensures you’re tapping into 90% of the search opportunities that many overlook.


Our platform goes beyond standard link-building, leveraging advanced software for rapid and large-scale content deployment. This not only establishes authority but also ensures content freshness, another key variable for domain authority. We excel at delivering large volumes of custom content rapidly while maintaining alignment with your unique brand voice and compliance requirements.


SEO strategies cannot be static or generic. Your SEO efforts need to reflect the uniqueness of your products and the dynamism of your business model. Breaking away from traditional methods and embracing a tailored, responsive approach can help you position your business for accelerated growth and sustainable success.

Mastering Content Optimization and Technical SEO Expertise

Enhancing Content Optimization: Key Tips to Success


As an industry leader, we at Area Ten advise our clients that the shortcut to the summit of search engine rankings isn’t some elusive algorithm. Instead, it’s innovative, carefully tailored content that wields power. Content is the onsite variable that has the most significant impact on SEO performance.


Here are some key pointers:


  • Compose quality, innovative, and engaging content specific to your audience.
  •  Keep content relevant and packed with value. There’s always a need for content that solves problems, educates, and entertains.
  • Balance head terms and long tail keywords. This distinctive strategy, termed Full Body SEO, can capture up to 90% exponentially of search opportunities your competitors might be missing.


The Role of Technical SEO


Although the word “technical” might feel intimidating, bear in mind that technical SEO changes typically account for less than 20% of SEO performance. However, that shouldn’t diminish its importance—it’s like the oil in your SEO engine, allowing everything else to work smoothly.


Technical optimization ensures your site is easily crawlable by search engines. It may include tidying up URL structures, streamlining your site’s architecture, and optimizing page load times. Remember, while these may represent less than 20% of SEO performance, they form an essential foundation upon which the compelling structure of content rests.


Beyond Consulting Services


Understanding the world of SEO can be a daunting task, especially given the constant updates to search engine algorithms. That’s where we come into play. Our services at Area Ten provide valuable insights into the latest trends, techniques and best practices, guiding enterprises towards SEO success. 


Our strategies leverage both offsite activities and proprietary technology, CMAX, to build authority and trust swiftly at scale. Notably, we prioritize the importance of analytics, empowering our clients to see SEO as a performance channel, significantly contributing to incremental revenue. It’s like putting a spotlight on your business amidst a digitally crowded market.

Key Points to Remember

  • A good SEO strategy is crucial. With the right approach, a tailored SEO approach can drive relevant traffic, improve search rankings, and lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Optimize WordPress SEO. It involves using relevant keywords, maximizing SEO plugins, and addressing technical aspects like sitemaps and robots.txt.
  • Take it to the next level. Beyond basic SEO tactics like keyword optimization and link building, leveraging AI and technical SEO changes can yield significant improvements.
  • Go beyond the norm. Programmatic SEO, utilizing machine learning and CMAX, targets both head terms and long-tail queries for comprehensive search coverage.
  • Maximize plugins. The right WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack can streamline tasks, enhance site speed, and improve on-page SEO, but they should complement, not replace, a good SEO strategy.
  • It’s not just about content. Technical SEO is essential for ensuring a site is easily crawlable and optimized for search engines.
  • Get expert advice. Consulting services can provide guidance on the latest SEO trends and techniques, helping businesses navigate the complex SEO landscape.


Embarking on your SEO journey doesn’t have to be daunting. With Area Ten, you’re gaining a partner with a proven track record. We’ve delivered scalable growth for businesses like yours, and we’re eager to share our strategies with you. 


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Revs Check

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    Positions added since the SEO Programme started in December 2021

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  • 29%

    Increase in SEO revenue over a year

Case Study


  • 172

    Position improvement in aggregate keyword rankings

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Quicken India

  • In just 3 months, QuickBooks India's priority terms ascended into the top 10 search engine rankings

Case Study

Snap Printing

  • 887%

    Lead increase via 24/7 Live Chat Sales, boosting conversion rates

  • 2,400

    Top-10 positions added in a 5-year period

  • 36.9%

    Organic traffic growth over a consistent 5-year period

Case Study

Learn To Trade Australia

  • 20

    Top Forex terms boosted to Top-3 rankings in just 2 months

  • 63.1%

    Organic traffic boost within the first 4 months

  • 90.5%

    Cheaper CPA achieved for forex course sign-ups in 4 months from Organic vs Paid channels

Case Study

  • 438

    Top-10 positions added in less than a year

  • 422%

    Year-on-Year organic traffic increase in 10 months

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  • 133

    Top-10 positions added in just 6 weeks

  • 747%

    Growth in organic traffic over 2 years

  • 303%

    Higher conversion rate from organic versus other digital channels

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  • 198%

    Organic traffic improvement over 3 years in B2B niche

  • 243%

    Expansion in keyword rankings with dominant head terms

Case Study

Pack and Send

  • 178%

    Surge in website traffic through targeted, strategic efforts

  • 91%

    Average increase in leads from targeted pages

  • 86%

    Monthly revenue growth due to successful SEO strategy

Case Study


  • 153%

    Increase in Top 10 rankings in 6 weeks

  • 501%

    Growth in organic traffic over 2 years

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    ROI surge in 2 years, outperforming paid media

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  • 30%

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  • 401%

    Organic traffic increase within 12 months

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Peace Lilly

  • 35%

    Organic traffic boost in a year

  • 37%

    Increase in organic revenue in a year

  • 440%

    Increase in Organic visibility across target KWs

Case Study


  • 3881%

    Increase in non-brand incremental traffic in a year

  • 420%

    ROI surge in 1 year

  • 52%

    Average increase in transactions over a year

What Our Clients Say

Area Ten have supported Prospa with top notch professional service, both in performance marketing and SEO.

Their ongoing support helped Prospa consistently achieve its targets over the years.

I speak for all stakeholders at Prospa, past and present, when I say we couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this space!

Nadav Linden – Head of Performance Marketing & Digital Partners

As the former Head of SEO at Fairfax, Domain, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Jeremy on several projects, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

Area Ten’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing algorithms made a significant impact on our digital footprint. Their tailored strategies not only improved our visibility but also enhanced the user experience across our platforms.

Rama Gudipudi – Head of SEO @ Domain

“Our integrated SEO & PPC partnership with Area Ten has delivered incremental traffic and leads for our business. We are able to maximise our coverage on the search engines to effectively guide prospects to our website and generate cost-effective leads. On top of this, Area Ten also helps manage our live chat to drive incremental leads further.”

Adrian Mezzina, Schreuders

“Our SEO traffic and leads has continued to increased YoY and MoM since we started working with Area Ten over 2 years ago. SEO has become very important sales generation channel for PACK & SEND.”

Tim Robinson – Digital Marketing Manager @ PACK & SEND

“The GreeChat team has been excellent with providing a live chat service for our business. They have been responsive to our requests and willing to train their team to understand our offering. I would recommend them to any business wanting to have a 24/7 chat service on their website.”

Jonathan Gavshon – Co-CEO @ Group Homes Australia

“Earlier, we had used another live chat provider who could not help us with live chat leads attribution. We have been using Greechat for almost 4 years now with end to end lead tracking provided to us. The Greechat team is very easy to work with and love that the team is so responsive and willing to help. It is a great feeling knowing we have support right there with us and can ask them a question at any point. Hands down the most responsive and knowledgeable live chat providers I have ever used.”

Tariq Shafei – Director of Online Learning @ Kirana Colleges

“We use AreaTen to drive more sales for our business.

AreaTen supports us by providing actionable, valuable, and real-time insights as we work with the customers who depend on our information.

The team makes it easy to understand the data without having to be an online marketing expert, They have helped us every step of the way — from setting up campaigns to figuring out how best to analyse results. I recommend AreaTen to anyone looking to grow their online sales.”

Patrick Coghlan – CEO @ CreditorWatch

“We have had the pleasure of working with AreaTen for more than a year, and we can confidently say that they are among the best SEO companies we have ever worked with. Their expertise in search engine optimization has significantly contributed to our online visibility and increased traffic to our website. AreaTen’s team is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to achieving results. Their attention to detail and ability to communicate complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner is truly impressive. We highly recommend AreaTen to any business looking for top-quality SEO services.”

Dean Kim – Operations Manager @ Peace Lily

“We have been working with Area Ten for nearly three years and their knowledge and expertise has had a significant positive impact in helping evolve Snap’s digital marketing strategy. They are proactive with new initiatives and ideas that are aligned to Snap’s Transformation Strategy, ensuring we are in sync with the fast changing digital marketing space. The transparency that the Area Ten team provides in their reporting gives clarity on the ROI from the different initiatives undertaken. They are also willing to adapt to our individual requirements as well as challenge our thought process. It is this partnership with Area Ten that makes them our most valued resource as part of our agency roster.”

Raeleen Hooper – CMO @ Snap

“It’s been great to work with the team at Area Ten on performance based SEO model. We liked the structured approach they took to understanding our requirements and making recommendations around what we needed to do in conjunction with them. They were always available to provide expert advice and feedback around changes we were making. It was amazing to see results within the space of 2 months. Listed below are some of the results that were achieved since the start of the programme and Area Ten team have exceeded our expectations:

– Non branded organic traffic increased by 261%

– Aggregate rankings improved by 293 positions”

Elvin Singh – Customer Acquisition Manager @ Firstmac

“The Area Ten team has helped us to improve leads and visitor to conversion rates across a number of our channels. For example beyond just driving higher quality website traffic they also managed to improve the online enquiry rate by over 3x through form and page design changes. Area Ten’s experience has added enormous value to our website optimisation activity. They haven’t hidden behind jargon and consistently provide valuable learnings and input with how the various online marketing channels work synergistically together, ensuring our analytics is setup in such a way that we can properly track the true ROI for each channel.”

Andrew Grech – Partner @ Gordon Legal

“We worked with the Area Ten team on Paid Search, they handle all the paid search build, campaign implementation, and tracking set up to ensure we can track leads for all our Franchises which is amazing so we can move fast. I highly recommend Area Ten services. The support is A+, and whenever we’ve had questions, all issues are resolved or we’re provided hand-holding almost immediately.”

Todd Alexander – National Marketing Manager @ Ray White

“Area Ten was a key partner for Eventbrite in Asia-Pacific as we expanded our performance marketing into Singapore and Hong Kong. Their team was with us every step of the way as we developed our strategy to implement new Adwords and Display Network campaigns as Eventbrite’s platform was launched into new markets. We saw over 34% YoY growth in conversions from Singapore alone as a result of the advice, guidance and implementation that the Area 10 team completed, alongside significant improvements in click-thru rates, competitive bidding and cost per conversion. I would recommend their services to any business looking to rapidly accelerate growth through performance marketing.”

Joshua McNicol – General Manager APAC @ Eventbrite

“To help businesses simplify their retail operations, Square needs to be there for customers at the right time with the right information.

Area Ten has helped us with this over the last 5 years, delivering growth in sales through paid search and helping us unlock our growth potential. The team has always delivered expert advice and has been adaptable and reliable in maximising sales. Area Ten is a great partner to have on this journey.”

Cammy Nguyen – Paid Marketing Manager @ Square

“Proactiv as a brand has been built on the strength of its product as well as the effectiveness of its direct marketing. We have worked with Area Ten for almost 4 years. Their level of attention to the needs of the business have been of a consistently high quality. While we initially engaged them to help with our SEO this expanded to other aspects of our digital marketing given their ability to provide an integrated solution more robust than others we could find in the market. As a digital performance company that delivers they are firmly aligned with our ROI culture. We highly recommend them as a trusted advisor and partner for any performance driven organisation.“

Lara Giovenale – Marketing Director @ The Proactiv Company

“We’ve been working with Area Ten for over 3 years. They’ve delivered consistently for us across multiple brands in an extremely tough market vertical and operating environment. I’m ex-agency and have dealt with lots of others in the space and what Jeremy and his team do is unique and effective. Great guys to work with.“

Nick St John – Head of SEO @ IAG

“Area Ten has supported Zurich with a strong Paid Search and Social Media strategy, driving cost effectives leads and sales revenue for the last 5 years. The team understands our business and proactively seeks new initiatives and optimizations that are in line with our business goals. I would recommend Area Ten to any company looking to expand its online presence and revenue in a competitive industry like ours.”

Julie McCormack – Head of Strategy & Distribution, Direct Insurance @ Zurich Australia

“The impact the Area Ten have made to Kmart has been significant – helping to establish SEO as a function and supporting Parmiss on getting us up to scratch. We would not be where we are now without your assistance.”

Dan Smith – Head of Digital Engagement @ Kmart

“The Area Ten team have consistently delivered across the initiatives we have engaged them in. We were impressed from the start when they were able to deliver SEO results within a month where our previous agencies struggled for more than a year. Our work with them has expanded since then given they constantly innovate in line with needs of our business, delivering strong returns from what we invest which is why they are a key partner for us and why I thoroughly recommend them.“

Carla Viera – Marketing Director @ Regus

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